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Keyword Relevance for: Allied Health
17-2111.01    Industrial Safety and Health Engineers   Green Occupation Green

    O*NET-SOC Title yes    1 match
    Alternate Occupation Titles yes    19 matches
    O*NET-SOC Description     no matches
    Tasks yes    4 matches
    Detailed Work Activities yes    2 matches


  • Industrial Safety and Health Engineers

Alternate Occupation Titles

  • Health Safety Manager
  • Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Health, Safety, and Environment Manager
  • Corporate Health, Safety, and Occupational Toxicology Director
  • Corporate Health, Safety, and Security Manager
  • Environmental Health Safety Manager
  • Environmental Health and Safety Director (EHS Director)
  • Environmental Health, Safety, and Engineering Manager
  • Industrial Health Engineer
  • Industrial Health and Safety Professor
  • Industrial Safety and Health Manager
  • Occupational Health and Safety Environment Director
  • Occupational Safety and Health Manager
  • Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Consultant
  • Safety and Health Consultant
  • Safety and Environmental Health Corporate Director
  • Safety, Health, and Environment Vice President
  • Safety, Health, and Environmental Services Director


  • Conduct or direct testing of air quality, noise, temperature, or radiation levels to verify compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Confer with medical professionals to assess health risks and to develop ways to manage health issues and concerns.
  • Evaluate adequacy of actions taken to correct health inspection violations.
  • Provide technical advice and guidance to organizations on how to handle health-related problems and make needed changes.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Advise others on health and safety issues.
  • Research human performance or health factors related to engineering or design activities.