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Keyword Relevance for: Music Performance - Jazz
27-2012.03    Program Directors

    O*NET-SOC Title     no matches
    Alternate Occupation Titles yes    2 matches
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    Tasks yes    6 matches
    Detailed Work Activities yes    2 matches

Alternate Occupation Titles

  • Program Director/Music Director
  • Program/Music Director


  • Perform personnel duties, such as hiring staff and evaluating work performance.
  • Act as a liaison between talent and directors, providing information that performers or guests need to prepare for appearances and communicating relevant information from guests, performers, or staff to directors.
  • Cue announcers, actors, performers, and guests.
  • Monitor and review programming to ensure that schedules are met, guidelines are adhered to, and performances are of adequate quality.
  • Read news, read or record public service and promotional announcements, or perform other on-air duties.
  • Select, acquire, and maintain programs, music, films, and other needed materials and obtain legal clearances for their use as necessary.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Direct productions or performances.
  • Select staff, team members, or performers.