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Keyword Relevance for: Music Performance - Jazz
27-3043.05    Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers

    O*NET-SOC Title     no matches
    Alternate Occupation Titles yes    2 matches
    O*NET-SOC Description yes    1 match
    Tasks yes    3 matches
    Detailed Work Activities yes    1 match

Alternate Occupation Titles

  • Music Critic
  • Music Journalist

O*NET-SOC Description

  • Create original written works, such as scripts, essays, prose, poetry or song lyrics, for publication or performance.


  • Adapt text to accommodate musical requirements of composers and singers.
  • Write humorous material for publication, or for performances such as comedy routines, gags, and comedy shows.
  • Write words to fit musical compositions, including lyrics for operas, musical plays, and choral works.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Collaborate with others to prepare or perform artistic productions.