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33-3021.01    Police Detectives

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  • Analyze completed police reports to determine what additional information and investigative work is needed.
  • Maintain surveillance of establishments to obtain identifying information on suspects.
  • Prepare charges or responses to charges, or information for court cases, according to formalized procedures.
  • Provide information to lab personnel concerning the source of an item of evidence and tests to be performed.
  • Question individuals or observe persons and establishments to confirm information given to patrol officers.
  • Record progress of investigation, maintain informational files on suspects, and submit reports to commanding officer or magistrate to authorize warrants.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Collaborate with law enforcement or security agencies to share information.
  • Document legal or regulatory information.
  • Interview people to gather information about criminal activities.
  • Observe individuals' activities to gather information or compile evidence.
  • Record information about environmental conditions.
  • Record information about suspects or criminals.
  • Use databases to locate investigation details or other information.