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51-2031.00    Engine and Other Machine Assemblers   Green Occupation Green

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    Alternate Occupation Titles yes    22 matches
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  • Engine and Other Machine Assemblers

Alternate Occupation Titles

  • Engine Assembler
  • Engine Builder
  • Engine Cowling Installer
  • Engine Machinist and Assembly
  • Engine Technician
  • Aircraft Engine Assembler
  • Automobile Engine Assembler
  • Automotive Engine Builder
  • Diesel Engine Erector
  • Gasoline Engine Assembler
  • Internal Combustion Engine Assembler
  • Internal Combustion Engine Subassembler
  • Jet Engine Assembler
  • Large Engine Assembler
  • Lead Assembly Person, Large Engine
  • Marine Engine and Transmission Technician
  • Racing Engine Builder
  • Rotary Engine Assembler
  • Test Engine Operator
  • Tractor Engine Assembler
  • Truck Engine Assembler
  • Turbine Engine Assembler

O*NET-SOC Description

  • Construct, assemble, or rebuild machines, such as engines, turbines, and similar equipment used in such industries as construction, extraction, textiles, and paper manufacturing.