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What's New

October 2014

New data in O*NET websites

The 19.0 database is now incorporated within My Next Move, Mi Próximo Paso, My Next Move for Veterans, and O*NET OnLine. Comprehensive data is available for 940 O*NET-SOC occupations. Specifically, the 19.0 database updated 126 O*NET-SOCs.

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July 2014

Credentials feature added to O*NET Online

O*NET Online users can now search for certifications, training, licensing, and apprenticeship information from Summary, Details, and Custom report pages. New certificate information is also included within the Education Level Required section of each report. Finally, navigation features of the reports have been updated to streamline access to this valuable career information. Check out new report features in O*NET Online now!

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June 2014

Updated military occupations included in O*NET websites

The Military Occupational Classification (MOC) crosswalk has been updated by the Department of Defense (April 2014) and incorporated into O*NET OnLine and My Next Move for Veterans. Over 10,000 MOC occupations are linked to related O*NET-SOC occupations. The crosswalk is supplemented with data from the Army COOL external site and Navy COOL external site projects. Transitioning military personnel can use their military code or title to discover related civilian occupations/careers within O*NET Online's Military Crosswalk Search or My Next Move for Veterans' Military Transition Search.

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April 2014

New BLS info in O*NET Websites

The Bureau of Labor Statistics external site (BLS) has released wage estimates for 2013 and an update of its Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). The latest wages are now included in career reports within O*NET OnLine, My Next Move, and My Next Move for Veterans. The OOH Crosswalk Search and the occupational reports have been updated in O*NET OnLine to reflect the new OOH crosswalk and publication material.

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January 2014

New BLS projections and industry info in O*NET Websites

The Bureau of Labor Statistics external site (BLS) has released new employment projections for 2012 - 2022, along with updated industry employment data. This information is now included within O*NET OnLine, My Next Move, Mi Próximo Paso, and My Next Move for Veterans. Importantly, this allows for the update of the Bright Outlook feature included within the O*NET sites, which helps clients target careers where new job opportunities are likely in the future. In addition, the "Browse by Industry" searches within the O*NET sites are updated to reflect more current employment patterns.

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January 2014

Tools and Technology database updated

The tools and technology (T2) file provides information on machines, equipment, tools, and software that workers may use for optimal functioning in a high performance workplace. With this update, over 53,000 tools and technologies have now been identified for 774 occupations, including all 200+ O*NET Green occupations and over 85% of the Bright Outlook occupations.

The O*NET Project welcomes feedback on the T2 database. T2 information for 239 occupations has been enhanced with the help of customer input. After reviewing an occupation's current T2 information, you can submit specific suggestions for adding more examples of tools or technology through our T2 feedback process.

Look for the "Tools & Technology" section of the Summary, Details, or Custom Report, or visit the Tools & Technology Search page. A listing of occupations with T2 data is available. The complete T2 data files can be downloaded from the O*NET Resource Center.

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