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January 2016

New BLS projections and industry info in O*NET Websites

The Bureau of Labor Statistics external site (BLS) has released new employment projections for 2014 - 2024, along with updated industry employment data. This information is now included within O*NET OnLine, My Next Move, Mi Próximo Paso, and My Next Move for Veterans. Importantly, this allows for the update of the Bright Outlook feature included within the O*NET sites, which helps clients target careers where new job opportunities are likely in the future. In addition, the "Browse by Industry" searches within the O*NET sites are updated to reflect more current employment patterns.

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November 2015

Updated military occupations included in O*NET websites

The Military Occupational Classification (MOC) crosswalk has been updated by the Department of Defense (October 2015) and incorporated into O*NET OnLine and My Next Move for Veterans. Over 11,000 MOC occupations are linked to related O*NET-SOC occupations. The crosswalk is supplemented with data from the Army COOL external site, Navy COOL external site, Marine Corps COOL external site, and Air Force COOL external site projects. Transitioning military personnel can use their military code or title to discover related civilian occupations/careers within O*NET Online's Military Crosswalk Search or My Next Move for Veterans' Military Transition Search.

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October 2015

O*NET Database, web sites, and download options updated

With the 20.1 release, the O*NET database now includes additional files, new download options, and updates from the Tools and Technology (T2) and Alternate Titles projects:

  • Data from the Lay/Alternate Titles, Sample of Reported Titles, Related Occupations, Tools & Technology, and Emerging Tasks projects are now included in the O*NET Database. These were previously available as separate supplemental file downloads.
  • Two options for downloading data: 1) All Files enables customers to download all available O*NET information with one click, 2) Individual Files enables customers to focus on and download a particular type of O*NET information or download any of the single files updated with this new release.
  • All database files can now be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format, in addition to the existing formats of tab-delimited text, and SQL files for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle.
  • Download previous releases of the O*NET Databases via an updated Database Release Archives page.
  • Updated Lay/Alternate Titles and Tools & Technology (T2) files

Learn more or download the database from our Developer's Corner. Developers can also access the latest data from O*NET Web Services.

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July 2015

“Big Data” leveraged to create a new, additional source for O*NET Information—Employer Job Postings

Current Employer Job Postings captured in “real-time” were used to update O*NET’s Tools and Technology (T2) and Lay Title databases.

The Tools and Technology (T2) database provides information on machines, equipment, tools, and software that workers may use for optimal functioning in a high performance workplace. This release updated 150 occupations. Over 63,000 tools and technologies have now been identified across the 973 occupations included in the O*NET-SOC 2010 taxonomy.

The O*NET Lay Titles database contains approximately 45,000 unique titles. This release includes 1,158 new titles related to 480 occupations. Along with Employer Job Postings, titles were gathered from Job Incumbents, Occupational Experts, Government Programs, and Customer & Professional Association input. A variety of private and publicly developed electronic tools, including our O*NET OnLine and My Next Move sites, use the titles to improve their keyword search performance and to enhance their career reports.

Visit our Developer's Corner to download these files or to sign up for O*NET Web Services. Or, explore the new information in O*NET OnLine and My Next Move.

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April 2015

New dynamic design features now in O*NET OnLine

Improvements to the O*NET OnLine occupation reports:

  • Compact design that enables users to expand individual sections of interest to view greater detail
  • Easy cross-occupational search functionality built in throughout. Choose an individual O*NET item (for example, a task, technology, knowledge, skill, or ability) and see related occupations to explore

Two new Advanced Search features:

  • Related Task Search enables users to build a customized task list to perform a cross occupational search
  • Related DWA Search enables users to build a customized list of work activities to perform a cross-occupational search

Work Activities Outline Custom Report feature:

Learn about the O*NET Work Activities Hierarchy through a dynamic, nested display feature. Customers can easily see the relationship between the Generalized Work Activities, Intermediate Work Activities, Detailed Work Activities, and tasks for an occupation of their choice.

Check out these features now in O*NET OnLine.

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March 2015

New BLS info in O*NET websites

The Bureau of Labor Statistics external site (BLS) has released wage estimates for 2014. The latest wages are now included in career reports within O*NET OnLine, My Next Move, Mi Próximo Paso, and My Next Move for Veterans.

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