Job Opening: Mobile Unit Ophthalmic Technician

CDR Maguire
Reno, NV
Posted on
September 8, 2023

At the highest level, must “Show Up” enthusiastic, entrepreneurial “Figure it Out”, and committed to “Getting it Done” to performing their job in an ethical and proper manner while the team “Wins Together”. This role is responsible for operations, maintenance, and patient care in various correctional settings and locations. The Ophthalmic Technician will also provide support to Ophthalmologists and assisting in patient care.

CDR Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V and EO/AAN/D. Must be able to work in the United States to apply.


  • Conducting Preliminary Eye Examinations: Ophthalmic technicians collect patient information and perform initial assessments to prepare them for examination by the ophthalmologist. This includes measuring visual acuity, taking medical histories, documenting chief complaints, and checking eye pressure.

  • Administering Diagnostic Tests: Ophthalmic technicians assist in conducting a variety of diagnostic tests to evaluate patients' eye health. These may include visual field testing, optical coherence tomography (OCT), corneal topography, slit lamp operation, fundus photography, and fluorescein angiography. They are responsible for operating specialized equipment and ensuring accurate test results.

  • Assisting with Refractive Procedures: Ophthalmic technicians support ophthalmologists during refractive procedures such as LASIK, PRK, and cataract surgery. They help in preparing the patient, ensuring the sterility of instruments, and providing instruments and supplies to the surgeon during the procedure.

  • Performing Ocular Measurements: Ophthalmic technicians perform measurements and assessments related to eyeglasses and contact lens fitting. This includes taking precise measurements of the eye using instruments like autorefractors, keratometers, and lensometers.

  • Administering Eye Medications: Ophthalmic technicians may be responsible for instilling eye drops, ointments, or performing other minor treatments as directed by the ophthalmologist. They educate patients on proper medication usage and ensure compliance.

  • Maintaining and Calibrating Equipment: Ophthalmic technicians are responsible for the maintenance, calibration, and proper functioning of diagnostic equipment. They follow established protocols for cleaning and disinfecting instruments to ensure a sterile environment.

  • Assisting with Patient Education: Ophthalmic technicians provide information to patients about eye conditions, treatments, and post-operative care. They educate patients on the proper use of contact lenses, eyeglasses, and ocular hygiene.

  • Managing Electronic Health Records (EHR): Ophthalmic technicians enter and update patient information in electronic health record systems. They maintain accurate and up-to-date records of tests, measurements, and procedures performed.

  • Collaborating with Healthcare Professionals: Ophthalmic technicians work closely with ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive patient care. They communicate patient information and assist in coordinating appointments and referrals.

  • Ensuring Safety and Compliance: Ophthalmic technicians adhere to safety protocols and infection control procedures to maintain a safe environment for patients and staff. They comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including patient privacy and confidentiality (HIPAA).


  • Other duties that may arise from time-to-time and/or are commensurate with the title and position.


  • High school diploma or equivalent, and relevant certification required.

  • College diploma in related field preferred.

  • Strong understanding of ophthalmic procedures and equipment.

  • Proficiency in performing diagnostic tests and measurements.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks while working in a fast-paced environment and meeting deadlines.

  • Ability to wear PPE for extended periods of time without restriction.

  • Must possess the physical capability to lift, bend, and perform other physical tasks requiring a minimum strength of 50 lbs.

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