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Related Occupations for Task
51-6052.00 - Tailors, Dressmakers, and Custom Sewers

Related occupations for task:

Position patterns of garment parts on fabric, and cut fabric along outlines, using scissors.

51-6041.00 Shoe and Leather Workers and Repairers
  • Cut out parts, following patterns or outlines, using knives, shears, scissors, or machine presses.
  • Cut, insert, position, and secure paddings, cushioning, or linings, using stitches or glue.
  • Draw patterns, using measurements, designs, plaster casts, or customer specifications, and position or outline patterns on work pieces.
51-6031.00 Sewing Machine Operators
  • Cut materials according to specifications, using blades, scissors, or electric knives.
  • Position and mark patterns on materials to prepare for sewing.
51-9123.00 Painting, Coating, and Decorating Workers
  • Cut out sections in surfaces of materials to be inlaid with decorative pieces, using patterns and knives or scissors.
  • Position and glue decorative pieces in cutout sections of workpieces, following patterns.
51-6092.00 Fabric and Apparel Patternmakers
  • Position and cut out master or sample patterns, using scissors and knives, or print out copies of patterns, using computers.
  • Trace outlines of specified patterns onto material, and cut fabric using scissors.
51-9194.00 Etchers and Engravers
  • Select and insert required templates into pattern frames beneath the stylus of a machine cutting tool or router.

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