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Related Occupations for Task
45-2092.01 - Nursery Workers

Related occupations for task:

Plant, spray, weed, fertilize, and water plants, shrubs, and trees, using hand tools and gardening tools.

45-4011.00 Forest and Conservation Workers   Green Occupation Green
  • Sow or harvest cover crops, such as alfalfa.
  • Spray or inject vegetation with insecticides to kill insects or to protect against disease or with herbicides to reduce competing vegetation.
  • Select tree seedlings, prepare the ground, or plant the trees in reforestation areas, using manual planting tools.
45-2092.02 Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop
  • Apply pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to crops.
  • Dig and plant seeds, or transplant seedlings by hand.
45-2091.00 Agricultural Equipment Operators
  • Spray fertilizer or pesticide solutions to control insects, fungus and weed growth, and diseases, using hand sprayers.
  • Walk beside or ride on planting machines while inserting plants in planter mechanisms at specified intervals.