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Related Occupations for Task
53-7063.00 - Machine Feeders and Offbearers

Related occupations for task:

Push dual control buttons and move controls to start, stop, or adjust machinery and equipment.

53-7011.00 Conveyor Operators and Tenders
  • Stop equipment or machinery and clear jams, using poles, bars, and hand tools, or remove damaged materials from conveyors.
  • Manipulate controls, levers, and valves to start pumps, auxiliary equipment, or conveyors, and to adjust equipment positions, speeds, timing, and material flows.
  • Operate elevator systems in conjunction with conveyor systems.
53-7033.00 Loading Machine Operators, Underground Mining
  • Operate levers to move conveyor booms or shovels so that mine contents such as coal, rock, and ore can be placed into cars or onto conveyors.
  • Advance machines to gather material and convey it into cars.
  • Start conveyor booms and gathering-arm motors, and operate winches to position cars under boom conveyors for loading.
53-7111.00 Mine Shuttle Car Operators
  • Control conveyors that run the entire length of shuttle cars to distribute loads as loading progresses.
53-7121.00 Tank Car, Truck, and Ship Loaders
  • Operate conveyors and equipment to transfer grain or other materials from transportation vehicles.