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Related Occupations for Task
17-2141.02 - Automotive Engineers

Related occupations for task:

Conduct research studies to develop new concepts in the field of automotive engineering.

17-2199.08 Robotics Engineers
  • Conduct research on robotic technology to create new robotic systems or system capabilities.
  • Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation, or performance of robotic mechanisms, components, or systems, such as planetary rovers, multiple mobile robots, reconfigurable robots, or man-machine interactions.
17-2051.02 Water/Wastewater Engineers
  • Conduct feasibility studies for the construction of facilities, such as water supply systems, runoff collection networks, water and wastewater treatment plants, or wastewater collection systems.
  • Gather and analyze water use data to forecast water demand.
17-3027.01 Automotive Engineering Technicians
  • Participate in research or testing of computerized automotive applications, such as telemetrics, intelligent transportation systems, artificial intelligence, or automatic control.
17-2171.00 Petroleum Engineers
  • Conduct engineering research experiments to improve or modify mining and oil machinery and operations.
17-2199.07 Photonics Engineers
  • Conduct research on new photonics technologies.

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