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Related Occupations for Task
17-3029.08 - Photonics Technicians

Related occupations for task:

Set up or operate prototype or test apparatus, such as control consoles, collimators, recording equipment, or cables.

17-3029.01 Non-Destructive Testing Specialists
  • Select, calibrate, or operate equipment used in the non-destructive testing of products or materials.
17-3027.01 Automotive Engineering Technicians
  • Set up mechanical, hydraulic, or electric test equipment in accordance with engineering specifications, standards, or test procedures.
17-3024.01 Robotics Technicians
  • Operate robots to perform customized tasks, such as environmental cleanup or explosive detection operations.
17-2199.08 Robotics Engineers
  • Install, calibrate, operate, or maintain robots.
17-2141.01 Fuel Cell Engineers
  • Prepare test stations, instrumentation, or data acquisition systems for use in specific tests of fuel cell components or systems.

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