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Related Occupations for Task
29-1069.05 - Nuclear Medicine Physicians Bright Outlook

Related occupations for task:

Test dosage evaluation instruments and survey meters to ensure they are operating properly.

29-1071.01 Anesthesiologist Assistants   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Pretest and calibrate anesthesia delivery systems and monitors.
29-2033.00 Nuclear Medicine Technologists Bright Outlook
  • Perform quality control checks on laboratory equipment or cameras.
29-2032.00 Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Bright Outlook
  • Clean, check, and maintain sonographic equipment, submitting maintenance requests or performing minor repairs as necessary.
29-2054.00 Respiratory Therapy Technicians
  • Prepare or test devices, such as mechanical ventilators, therapeutic gas administration apparatus, environmental control systems, aerosol generators, or electrocardiogram (EKG) machines.
29-1124.00 Radiation Therapists Bright Outlook
  • Check radiation therapy equipment to ensure proper operation.

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