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Related Occupations for Task
53-7111.00 - Mine Shuttle Car Operators

Related occupations for task:

Clean, fuel, and service equipment, and repair and replace parts as necessary.

53-7061.00 Cleaners of Vehicles and Equipment
  • Scrub, scrape, or spray machine parts, equipment, or vehicles, using scrapers, brushes, clothes, cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides, acid, abrasives, vacuums, or hoses.
  • Pre-soak or rinse machine parts, equipment, or vehicles by immersing objects in cleaning solutions or water, manually or using hoists.
53-4021.00 Railroad Brake, Signal, and Switch Operators
  • Make minor repairs to couplings, air hoses, and journal boxes, using hand tools.
  • Refuel and lubricate engines.
53-4013.00 Rail Yard Engineers, Dinkey Operators, and Hostlers
  • Perform routine repair and maintenance duties.
  • Provide assistance in the installation or repair of rails and ties.
53-6031.00 Automotive and Watercraft Service Attendants
  • Clean parking areas, offices, restrooms, or equipment and remove trash.
53-5031.00 Ship Engineers
  • Clean engine parts and keep engine rooms clean.

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