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Related Occupations for Task
33-1021.02 - Forest Fire Fighting and Prevention Supervisors

Related occupations for task:

Operate wildland fire engines or hoselays.

33-2011.01 Municipal Firefighters
  • Create openings in buildings for ventilation or entrance, using axes, chisels, crowbars, electric saws, or core cutters.
  • Drive and operate fire fighting vehicles and equipment.
  • Position and climb ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings, or to rescue individuals from burning structures.
  • Operate pumps connected to high-pressure hoses.
  • Spray foam onto runways, extinguish fires, and rescue aircraft crew and passengers in air-crash emergencies.
33-2011.02 Forest Firefighters
  • Operate pumps connected to high-pressure hoses.
  • Extinguish flames and embers to suppress fires, using shovels or engine- or hand-driven water or chemical pumps.
  • Fell trees, cut and clear brush, and dig trenches to create firelines, using axes, chainsaws, or shovels.
  • Organize fire caches, positioning equipment for the most effective response.
  • Serve as fully trained lead helicopter crewmember and as helispot manager.
33-2022.00 Forest Fire Inspectors and Prevention Specialists   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Extinguish smaller fires with portable extinguishers, shovels, and axes.