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Related Occupations for Task
39-5094.00 - Skincare Specialists Bright Outlook

Related occupations for task:

Demonstrate how to clean and care for skin properly and recommend skin-care regimens.

39-9031.00 Exercise Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Teach and demonstrate use of gymnastic and training equipment, such as trampolines and weights.
  • Provide students with information and resources regarding nutrition, weight control, and lifestyle issues.
  • Teach individual and team sports to participants through instruction and demonstration, using knowledge of sports techniques and of participants' physical capabilities.
  • Advise participants in use of heat or ultraviolet treatments and hot baths.
39-5012.00 Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists
  • Demonstrate and sell hair care products and cosmetics.
  • Administer therapeutic medication and advise patron to seek medical treatment for chronic or contagious scalp conditions.
  • Recommend and explain the use of cosmetics, lotions, and creams to soften and lubricate skin and enhance and restore natural appearance.
31-1122.00 Personal Care Aides Bright Outlook
  • Instruct or advise clients on issues, such as household cleanliness, utilities, hygiene, nutrition, or infant care.
  • Train family members to provide bedside care.
29-1128.00 Exercise Physiologists Bright Outlook
  • Demonstrate correct use of exercise equipment or performance of exercise routines.
39-5093.00 Shampooers Bright Outlook
  • Advise patrons with chronic or potentially contagious scalp conditions to seek medical treatment.

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