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Related Occupations for Task
33-3021.03 - Criminal Investigators and Special Agents

Related occupations for task:

Search for and collect evidence, such as fingerprints, using investigative equipment.

33-3021.01 Police Detectives
  • Secure deceased body and obtain evidence from it, preventing bystanders from tampering with it prior to medical examiner's arrival.
  • Examine crime scenes to obtain clues and evidence, such as loose hairs, fibers, clothing, or weapons.
33-3021.02 Police Identification and Records Officers
  • Look for trace evidence, such as fingerprints, hairs, fibers, or shoe impressions, using alternative light sources when necessary.
  • Dust selected areas of crime scene and lift latent fingerprints, adhering to proper preservation procedures.
33-2021.02 Fire Investigators
  • Dust evidence or portions of fire scenes for latent fingerprints.
33-9011.00 Animal Control Workers
  • Investigate reports of animal attacks or animal cruelty, interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and writing reports.