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Related Occupations for Task
19-3031.02 - Clinical Psychologists Bright Outlook

Related occupations for task:

Provide occupational, educational, or other information to individuals so that they can make educational or vocational plans.

19-3031.03 Counseling Psychologists   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Counsel individuals, groups, or families to help them understand problems, deal with crisis situations, define goals, and develop realistic action plans.
  • Develop therapeutic and treatment plans based on clients' interests, abilities, or needs.
  • Advise clients on how they could be helped by counseling.
19-3031.01 School Psychologists Bright Outlook
  • Counsel children and families to help solve conflicts and problems in learning and adjustment.
  • Serve as a resource to help families and schools deal with crises, such as separation and loss.
19-3039.01 Neuropsychologists and Clinical Neuropsychologists Bright Outlook
  • Provide education or counseling to individuals and families.
  • Provide psychotherapy, behavior therapy, or other counseling interventions to patients with neurological disorders.
19-3032.00 Industrial-Organizational Psychologists Bright Outlook
  • Coach senior executives and managers on leadership and performance.
  • Counsel workers about job and career-related issues.