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Tools & Technology for:
29-2099.05 - Ophthalmic Medical Technologists   Save Table (XLS/CSV)

Tools | Technology


Binocular vision test sets or accessories
  • Color blindness tests
Chart projectors or accessories
  • Eye chart projectors
  • Potential acuity meters
Combination refractor keratometers
  • Autorefractors
Corneal camera
  • Specular microscopes
Corneal topographers
Depth perception apparatus
  • Stereo vision tests
Electroretinogram systems
  • Electroretinogram equipment
  • Hertel exophthalmometers
  • Luedde exophthalmometers
  • Naugle exophthalmometers
Eye charts or vision cards
  • Amsler grids
  • Snellen eye charts
  • Visual acuity cards
Eye occluders
  • Handheld occluders
  • Maddox rods
Laser fax machine
  • Laser facsimile machines
Lid plates for ophthalmic surgery
  • Jaeger lid plates
Medical computed tomography CT or CAT scanners or tubes
  • Optical coherence tomography OCT scanners
  • Retinal tomography machines
Medical syringe with needle
  • Ophthalmic syringes
Mercury blood pressure units
  • Manual blood pressure cuffs
Ophthalmic drums or its accessories
  • Optokinetic drums
Ophthalmic lensometers
  • Automated lensometers
  • Manual lensometers
Ophthalmic perimeters
Ophthalmic retinoscopes
Ophthalmic slit lamps
Ophthalmic spectrophotometers
  • Brightness acuity testers
Ophthalmic tonometers or accessories
  • Ophthalmic tonographers
  • Ophthalmic tonometers
Ophthalmic transilluminators
  • Ocular transilluminators
Ophthalmic visual function analyzers
  • Wavefront aberrometers
Ophthalmoscopes or otoscopes or scope sets
  • Ophthalmoscopes
  • Scanning laser ophthalmoscopes
Opticians tools or accessories
  • Digital pupillometers
  • Manual pupillometers
  • Millimeter rules
Personal computers
Phoropter units
  • Phoroptors
Photo attachments for microscopes
  • Fundus cameras
Steam autoclaves or sterilizers
  • Steam autoclaves
Tangent screen test objects kits or accessories
  • Tangent screens
Thickness measuring devices
  • Corneal pachymeters
Ultrasonic examination equipment
  • A-scan biometers
  • B-Scan biometers
  • Bio-microscopes
Vision testing stereoscopes
  • Titmus vision screeners


Electronic mail software
  • Email software
Internet browser software
  • Web browser software
Medical software
  • AcuityPro
  • EyeMD EMR
  • ezChartWriter
  • iChartPlus
  • Medflow Complete
  • MediPro Medisoft Clinical
  • NaviNet Open

We welcome feedback on the Tools & Technology database. We encourage you to suggest tools and technologies where our coverage may not reflect the full range of an occupation's duties. All suggestions will be considered for a future update of the T2 database.

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