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Tools & Technology for:
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Tools | Technology


Abrasive stones
  • Grinding stones
Air compressors
  • Pneumatic air compressors
Angle grinder
  • Angle grinders
Blocks or pulleys
  • Rope and pulley systems
Blow torch
  • Hand torches
  • Heating torches
  • Oxygen lances
Bridge cranes
  • Gantry cranes
Claw hammer
  • Claw hammers
Cold chisels
  • Angle chisels
  • Cape chisels
  • Flat chisels
  • Hand tracers
  • Pitching chisels
  • Point chisels
  • Rondel chisels
  • Tooth chisels
Conventional truck cranes
  • Truck cranes
Cutting machines
  • Stone splitters
Demolition hammers
  • Chipping hammers
  • Stone dollies
Double ended stud
  • Shims
Dust collectors
  • Dust collection systems
Ear muffs
  • Protective ear muffs
Ear plugs
  • Protective ear plugs
End cut pliers
  • Stone nippers
Facial shields
  • Full face shields
Flat taper file
  • Vixen files
  • Grout floats
Forklift or elevator accessories or supplies
  • Boom lifts
  • Forklift booms
  • Masonry forklifts
  • Safety goggles
Grinding or polishing machines
  • Polishing machines
  • Hacksaws
  • 12 pound sledge hammers
  • 16 pound sledge hammers
  • 8 pound sledge hammers
  • Bush hammers
  • Cross pein sledge hammers
  • Stone mason's hammers
Hand clamps
  • Carry clamps
Hand sprayers
  • Hand held sprayers
Hard hats
  • Masonry hard hats
  • Mortar hoes
  • Hydraulic hoists
  • Power hoists
  • Hydraulic jacks
Level sensors or transmitters
  • Transit levels
  • Laser levels
  • Masonry levels
Lifelines or lifeline equipment
  • Lifelines
Lifting hooks
  • Lewis pins
  • Stone lifting clamps
Loading equipment
  • Lifting spreaders
Masks or accessories
  • Dust masks
  • Safety masks
Pallet trucks
  • Slab trolleys
Personal computers
  • Rock picks
Plaster or mortar mixers
  • Drum mortar mixers
  • Electric mortar mixers
  • Horizontal shaft mixers
  • Mixing drills
  • Pan mixers
  • Vertical shaft mixers
Plumb bobs
  • Laser plumb bobs
  • Masonry plumb bobs
Pneumatic grinders
  • Pneumatic stone grinders
Pneumatic hammer
  • Jackhammers
  • Pneumatic chisels
Pneumatic sanding machines
  • Sandblasters
Power buffers
  • Stone polishers
Power drills
  • Drill machines
  • Hammer drills
Power grinders
  • Mini grinders
  • Stone grinders
Power routers
  • Stone routers
Power saws
  • Circular saws
  • Concrete saws
  • Masonry saws
  • Wet stone saws
Pressure or steam cleaners
  • Steam cleaning equipment
Pry bars
  • Pinch bars
  • Setting bars
  • Dust and particulate respirators
Rubber mallet
  • Rubber mallets
  • Folding rulers
Safety glasses
  • Masonry safety glasses
Safety harnesses or belts
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Safety harnesses
  • Stationary scaffolds
  • Swing-stage scaffolds
  • Round point shovels
  • Rigging equipment
  • Stone cleaning sponges
Stonemason hammer
  • Brick hammers
Straight edges
  • Masonry straight edges
Suction cups
  • Lifting suction cups
  • Vacuum lifts
Tape measures
  • Measuring tapes
  • Story pole tape measures
  • Wooden templates
  • Buttering trowels
  • Concave jointers
  • Gauging trowels
  • Jointers
  • Margin trowels
  • Pointing trowels
  • Tuck pointers
Utility knives
  • Masonry utility knives
  • Stone splitting wedges
Wet or dry combination vacuum cleaners
  • Wet-dry vacuums
  • Cable winches
  • Electric winches
Wire brushes
  • Steel wire stone brushes
Workshop cranes
  • Portable cranes


Accounting software
  • Intuit QuickBooks Hot technology
Analytical or scientific software
  • Gregg Software Gregg Rock-It
  • ProEst Software ProEst Estimating
  • Tradesman's Software Master Estimator
Computer aided design CAD software
  • RISA Technologies RISA-3D
Project management software
  • CPR Visual Estimator

We welcome feedback on the Tools & Technology database. We encourage you to suggest tools and technologies where our coverage may not reflect the full range of an occupation's duties. All suggestions will be considered for a future update of the T2 database.

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