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Tools & Technology for:
51-4011.00 - Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators, Metal and Plastic   Save Table (XLS/CSV)

Tools | Technology


Automatic lathe or chucking machine
  • Twin spindle lathes
Bench vises
  • Vises
Boring machines
  • Borers
  • Boring bars
  • 0-1 drop indicators
  • Dial calipers
  • Vernier calipers
  • Soft jaws
  • Optical comparators
Coordinate measuring machines CMM
Deburring tool
  • Deburring tools
Desktop computers
Dial indicator or dial gauge
  • Dial indicators
Drill press or radial drill
  • Drill presses
Form tools or toolbits
  • Twist drills
Game pads or joy sticks
  • Jog mode operation joy sticks
Go or no go gauge
  • Go/no go test equipment
Hand clamps
Hand reamer
  • Reamers
Height gauges
  • Gauges
Hole gauge
  • Bore gauges
Horizontal machining center
  • Horizontal machining tools
Horizontal turning center
  • Computerized numerical control CNC lathes
Laser cutting machine
  • Computerized numerical control CNC laser cutting equipment
Laser measuring systems
  • Automatic measuring equipment
Laser printers
Metal broaching machines
  • Keyway broaches
  • Controllers
  • Programmable logic controllers PLC
  • Slot micrometers
Milling machines
  • Computerized numerical control CNC routers
  • Manual mills
Personal computers
Personal digital assistant PDAs or organizers
  • Personal digital assistants PDA
Pin gauge
  • Pin gauges
Power buffers
  • Buffers
Power drills
Power grinders
  • Bench grinders
Power sanders
Profiling and duplicating milling machine
  • Swiss screw machines
Safety glasses
  • Welding lenses
Spot welding machine
  • Portable welding equipment
Surface grinding machine
  • Surface grinding machines
Tapping machine
  • Computerized numerical control CNC tappers
  • Tapping machines
Thread counters or gauges
  • Thread gauges
Threading machine
  • Threading machines
Tracer or duplicating or contouring lathe
  • 5 axis lathes
  • 8 axis lathes
  • Lathes
Traveling column milling machine
  • 2/3 axis computer numerically controlled CNC milling machines
  • Bore mills
  • Computer numerical controlled CNC milling machines
Turning machines
  • Computerized numerical control CNC turning centers
  • Turning centers
Turret lathe
  • Swiss style lathes
Vertical machining center
  • Vertical milling machines
Vertical turning center
  • Computer numerical control CNC vertical lathes
Welding masks
  • Welding shields


Analytical or scientific software
  • CNC Consulting Machinists' Calculator
  • Kentech Trig Kalculator
Computer aided design CAD software
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Hot technology
  • Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS
  • KCD
  • Kentech Kipware Studio
  • UGS Solid Edge
Computer aided manufacturing CAM software
  • 1CadCam Unigraphics
  • BobCAD-CAM
  • Cadem CAPSMill
  • Cadem CAPSTurn
  • Cadem NCnet
  • Cadem seeNC Mill
  • CGTech Vericut CNC
  • CNC Mastercam
  • CNC TurboCAD/CAM
  • Creo Parametric Pro/ENGINEER
  • Dassault Systemes CATIA Hot technology
  • Delcam PowerMILL
  • Direct motion computer numerically controlled CNC software
  • Esprit
  • ExtraTech Machine Tools Suite
  • EZ-CAM
  • FlashCut CNC
  • Kentech Kipware M CNC
  • Kentech Kipware T CNC
  • Kentech Kipware TP
  • Kentech Kipware X CNC
  • MDSI OpenCNC
  • PartMaker SwissCAM
  • Pathtrace Systems EdgeCAM
  • Predator DNC
  • SigmaTEK SigmaNEST
  • SmartCAM
  • Surfware SURFCAM
  • TekSoft CAMWorks
  • Vero International VISI-Series
  • Virtual Gibbs CADD/CAM
Development environment software
Enterprise resource planning ERP software
Industrial control software
  • EditCNC
  • Work inspection software
Information retrieval or search software
  • Kentech PROTALK
Object or component oriented development software
  • G-code
Office suite software
  • Microsoft Office
Presentation software
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Hot technology
Project management software
  • Microsoft Project Hot technology
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel Hot technology
Word processing software
  • Microsoft Word

We welcome feedback on the Tools & Technology database. We encourage you to suggest tools and technologies where our coverage may not reflect the full range of an occupation's duties. All suggestions will be considered for a future update of the T2 database.

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