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Aerospace cockpit display panels
  • Electronic flight instrument systems EFIS
Aerospace head up display HUDs
  • Head-up guidance systems HGS
Aircraft anti skid controls
  • Anti-skid control systems
Aircraft braking systems
  • Autobrakes
  • Brake management systems
Aircraft communication systems
  • Digital communications display units DCDU
  • High-frequency HF radio communication systems
  • On-board intercom systems
  • Ultra high frequency UHF radio communication systems
  • Very high frequency VHF radio communication systems
Aircraft cooling fans
  • Equipment cooling controls
Aircraft drag chutes
  • Brake pedals
Aircraft environment controllers
  • Pressurization control systems
  • Recirculation control systems
Aircraft escape or ejection systems
  • Emergency exit slides
  • Emergency life rafts
Aircraft fire control or extinguishing systems
  • Fire suppression and control systems
Aircraft fuel management systems
  • Fuel control systems
Aircraft guidance systems
  • Attitude heading reference systems AHRS
  • Automatic direction finder ADF radio systems
  • Cockpit displays of traffic information CDTI
  • Distance measuring equipment DME
  • Global positioning system GPS devices
  • Inertial navigation systems INS
  • Instrument landing system ILS glideslope receivers
  • Instrument landing system ILS localizers
  • Long range navigation LORAN-C systems
  • Microwave landing systems MLS
  • Navigation mode selectors
  • Radio frequency-based navigation and guidance systems
  • Satellite-based navigation and guidance systems
  • Transponder landing systems TLS
  • Very high frequency omnidirectional range VOR systems
  • Very high frequency VHF direction finders
Aircraft hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Hydraulic control systems
  • Hydraulic pressure regulators
Aircraft navigation beacons
  • Nondirectional radio beacon markers
Aircraft onboard defrosting or defogging systems
  • Engine anti-ice systems
  • Windscreen ice control systems
  • Wing anti-ice systems
Aircraft oxygen equipment
  • Continuous flow emergency oxygen systems
  • Diluter demand emergency oxygen systems
  • Passenger oxygen control systems
  • Pressure demand emergency oxygen systems
Aircraft power supply units
  • Power generation and distribution control systems
Aircraft steering controls
  • Aileron trim switches
  • Automatic landing systems
  • Control wheels
  • Electric trim switches
  • Flaps control levers
  • Manual trim wheels
  • Nosewheel steering systems
  • Rudder pedals
  • Rudder trim knobs
  • Yaw damper systems
Aircraft warning systems
  • Airborne collision avoidance systems ACAS
  • Ground proximity warning systems GPWS
Desktop computers
Fire extinguishers
Flight computer systems
  • Aircraft data loaders
  • Autopilot systems
  • Control display units CDU
  • Data load selectors
  • Flight database systems
Landing gear assemblies
  • Landing gear control systems
Notebook computers
Personal digital assistant PDAs or organizers
  • Personal digital assistants PDA
Pneumatic aircraft accumulators
  • Pneumatics systems
Point plotting recorders
  • Point plotters


Analytical or scientific software
  • Pilot Navigator Software Load Balance
Calendar and scheduling software
  • SBS International Maestro Suite
Data base user interface and query software
  • Airline Pilots Daily Aviation Log PPC
  • AirSmith FlightPrompt
  • CoPilot Flight Planning & E6B
  • doXstor Flight Level Logbook
  • Electronic aircraft information databases
  • MJICCS PilotLog
  • Nimblefeet Technologies Captain's Keeper
  • Polaris Microsystems AeroLog Pro
  • Polaris Microsystems CharterLog
  • RMS Technology Flitesoft
  • Skylog Services Skylog Pro
Information retrieval or search software
  • AeroPlanner
  • Notam Development Group Airport Insight
Route navigation software
  • IFT-Pro
  • Navzilla
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel Hot technology
Word processing software
  • Microsoft Word

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