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Occupation List

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17-3029.01 Non-Destructive Testing Specialists
Handheld sprayers
25-1043.00 Forestry and Conservation Science Teachers, Postsecondary
Handheld sprayers
25-1111.00 Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
Pepper spray
33-1012.00 First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives Bright Outlook
Pepper spray
33-3021.00 Detectives and Criminal Investigators
Pepper spray
33-3031.00 Fish and Game Wardens
Pepper spray
33-3051.00 Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers Bright Outlook
Pepper spray
33-3051.04 Customs and Border Protection Officers Bright Outlook
Pepper spray
33-3052.00 Transit and Railroad Police
Pepper spray
33-9032.00 Security Guards Bright Outlook
Pepper spray
37-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers Bright Outlook
Spray bottles
37-1012.00 First-Line Supervisors of Landscaping, Lawn Service, and Groundskeeping Workers Bright Outlook
Insecticide sprayers
37-2011.00 Janitors and Cleaners, Except Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners Bright Outlook
Insecticide sprayers
37-2012.00 Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners Bright Outlook
Spray bottles
37-2021.00 Pest Control Workers Bright Outlook
Handheld compressed air sprayers; Handheld pesticide sprayers
37-3011.00 Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers Bright Outlook
Backpack pump sprayers
37-3012.00 Pesticide Handlers, Sprayers, and Applicators, Vegetation Bright Outlook
Handheld pump sprayers
37-3013.00 Tree Trimmers and Pruners Bright Outlook
Handheld sprayers
39-5011.00 Barbers Bright Outlook
Spray bottles
39-5091.00 Makeup Artists, Theatrical and Performance Bright Outlook
Spritzer bottles
45-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Workers
Handheld spray guns
45-2091.00 Agricultural Equipment Operators Bright Outlook
Portable sprayers
45-2092.00 Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse
Hand held sprayers; Hose-end sprayers; Tree marking guns
45-2093.00 Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, and Aquacultural Animals
Disinfectant sprayers; Insecticide sprayers
45-4011.00 Forest and Conservation Workers
Spray guns
47-2011.00 Boilermakers
Catalyst dispensers
47-2021.00 Brickmasons and Blockmasons
Spray guns
47-2022.00 Stonemasons
Hand held sprayers
47-2051.00 Cement Masons and Concrete Finishers
Barrel mounted sprayers; Compression sprayers; Glittermaster guns
47-2053.00 Terrazzo Workers and Finishers
Handheld sprayers
47-2061.00 Construction Laborers Bright Outlook
Stucco spray guns
47-2081.00 Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installers
Pistol hopper guns; Texture guns; Texture sprayers
47-2082.00 Tapers
Hand operated spray guns; Hopper guns; Patch guns; Texture sprayers
47-2121.00 Glaziers
47-2141.00 Painters, Construction and Maintenance
Hopper guns; Pneumatic spray texture guns; Spray texture guns; Stucco patching guns
47-2142.00 Paperhangers
Wallpaper removal sprayers
47-3016.00 Helpers--Roofers
Hand operated spray guns; Hand operated spray rigs
47-4041.00 Hazardous Materials Removal Workers Bright Outlook
Chemical solution sprayers; High-pressure water sprayers
47-4051.00 Highway Maintenance Workers Bright Outlook
Epoxy guns
47-5071.00 Roustabouts, Oil and Gas Bright Outlook
Hand operated spray guns
49-3042.00 Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engines
Solvent sprayers
49-3092.00 Recreational Vehicle Service Technicians Bright Outlook
Hand operated spray guns
49-3093.00 Tire Repairers and Changers
Airless spray guns; Rubber patch guns
49-9021.00 Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
49-9063.00 Musical Instrument Repairers and Tuners
Precision spray guns
49-9071.00 Maintenance and Repair Workers, General Bright Outlook
Hand operated spray guns
51-3011.00 Bakers Bright Outlook
Spray bottles; Sprayers
51-6021.00 Pressers, Textile, Garment, and Related Materials
Handheld sprayers
51-6093.00 Upholsterers
Siphon guns
51-7021.00 Furniture Finishers
Spray guns
51-7042.00 Woodworking Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Except Sawing
Spray guns
51-9123.00 Painting, Coating, and Decorating Workers
Spot cleaning guns
51-9191.00 Adhesive Bonding Machine Operators and Tenders
Fiberization guns
51-9192.00 Cleaning, Washing, and Metal Pickling Equipment Operators and Tenders
51-9195.05 Potters, Manufacturing
Handheld sprayers
53-4013.00 Rail Yard Engineers, Dinkey Operators, and Hostlers
Handheld sprayers
53-5022.00 Motorboat Operators
Handheld sprayers