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Occupation List

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27-2012.00 Producers and Directors   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
Video editing equipment
27-3023.00 News Analysts, Reporters, and Journalists
Video editing equipment
27-2012.05 Media Technical Directors/Managers Bright Outlook
Digital video effects units; Linear editing systems; Non-linear editing systems; Vision mixers
17-2141.00 Mechanical Engineers
Video editing equipment
19-4071.00 Forest and Conservation Technicians
Video editing equipment
27-4032.00 Film and Video Editors Bright Outlook
Digital video editing systems
27-3041.00 Editors
Video editing equipment
25-1021.00 Computer Science Teachers, Postsecondary
Digital video editors
25-1122.00 Communications Teachers, Postsecondary
Video editing equipment
27-4012.00 Broadcast Technicians
Frame synchronizers; Non-linear editing systems; Video consoles; Video editing equipment