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18 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Loss Prevention Managers.

  • Recommend improvements in loss prevention programs, staffing, scheduling, or training.
11-3031.01 Treasurers and Controllers   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Evaluate needs for procurement of funds and investment of surpluses and make appropriate recommendations.
11-2021.00 Marketing Managers Bright Outlook
  • Recommend modifications to products, packaging, production processes, or other characteristics to improve the environmental soundness or sustainability of products.
37-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers
  • Recommend changes that could improve service and increase operational efficiency.
11-9032.00 Education Administrators, Kindergarten through Secondary
  • Review and approve new programs, or recommend modifications to existing programs, submitting program proposals for school board approval as necessary.
11-3021.00 Computer and Information Systems Managers Bright Outlook
  • Evaluate the organization's technology use and needs and recommend improvements, such as hardware and software upgrades.
11-1021.00 General and Operations Managers Bright Outlook
  • Recommend locations for new facilities, or oversee the remodeling or renovating of current facilities.
11-3012.00 Administrative Services Managers
  • Analyze internal processes and recommend and implement procedural or policy changes to improve operations, such as supply changes or the disposal of records.
11-9179.01 Fitness and Wellness Coordinators
  • Recommend or approve new program or service offerings to promote wellness and fitness, produce revenues, or minimize costs.
11-9161.00 Emergency Management Directors
  • Propose alteration of emergency response procedures based on regulatory changes, technological changes, or knowledge gained from outcomes of previous emergency situations.
11-3031.00 Financial Managers Bright Outlook
  • Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting or collection procedures, or investment activities and make recommendations for changes to procedures, operating systems, budgets, or other financial control functions.
11-3051.00 Industrial Production Managers
  • Coordinate or recommend procedures for facility or equipment maintenance or modification, including the replacement of machines.
11-3111.00 Compensation and Benefits Managers
  • Develop methods to improve employment policies, processes, and practices, and recommend changes to management.
11-3051.01 Quality Control Systems Managers
  • Identify quality problems or areas for improvement and recommend solutions.
11-3121.00 Human Resources Managers
  • Advise managers on organizational policy matters, such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment, and recommend needed changes.
11-1031.00 Legislators
  • Review bills in committee, and make recommendations about their future.
11-9051.00 Food Service Managers Bright Outlook
  • Review work procedures and operational problems to determine ways to improve service, performance, or safety.
11-9033.00 Education Administrators, Postsecondary
  • Develop curricula, and recommend curricula revisions and additions.
37-1012.00 First-Line Supervisors of Landscaping, Lawn Service, and Groundskeeping Workers
  • Recommend changes in working conditions or equipment used to increase crew efficiency.