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6 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Mechanical Drafters.

  • Review and analyze specifications, sketches, drawings, ideas, and related data to assess factors affecting component designs and the procedures and instructions to be followed.
17-2011.00 Aerospace Engineers   Green Occupation Green
  • Analyze project requests, proposals, or engineering data to determine feasibility, productibility, cost, or production time of aerospace or aeronautical products.
17-2112.00 Industrial Engineers   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook   Green Occupation
  • Apply statistical methods and perform mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, staff requirements, and production standards.
17-2151.00 Mining and Geological Engineers, Including Mining Safety Engineers
  • Evaluate data to develop new mining products, equipment, or processes.
17-2121.01 Marine Engineers Bright Outlook
  • Analyze data to determine feasibility of product proposals.
17-2199.05 Mechatronics Engineers Green Occupation
  • Create mechanical models and tolerance analyses to simulate mechatronic design concepts.
17-2141.00 Mechanical Engineers Green Occupation
  • Research and analyze customer design proposals, specifications, manuals, or other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost, or maintenance requirements of designs or applications.