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13 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians.

  • Fabricate and install parts and systems to be tested in test equipment, using hand tools, power tools, and test instruments.
17-3029.08 Photonics Technicians   Green Occupation Green
  • Fabricate devices, such as optoelectronic or semiconductor devices.
  • Fabricate sensors to be used to control wind turbines.
17-3027.00 Mechanical Engineering Technicians
  • Devise, fabricate, and assemble new or modified mechanical components for products such as industrial machinery or equipment, and measuring instruments.
17-2111.01 Industrial Safety and Health Engineers Green Occupation
  • Design and build safety equipment.
17-3024.01 Robotics Technicians Green Occupation
  • Install new robotic systems in stationary positions or on tracks.
17-3023.03 Electrical Engineering Technicians Green Occupation
  • Build or test electrical components of electric-drive vehicles or prototype vehicles.
17-3029.03 Electromechanical Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
  • Fabricate or assemble mechanical, electrical, or electronic components or assemblies.
17-3029.11 Nanotechnology Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
  • Install nanotechnology production equipment at customer or manufacturing sites.
17-2199.04 Manufacturing Engineers Green Occupation
  • Design, install, or troubleshoot manufacturing equipment.
17-2199.08 Robotics Engineers Green Occupation
  • Install, calibrate, operate, or maintain robots.
17-2199.07 Photonics Engineers Green Occupation
  • Analyze, fabricate, or test fiber-optic links.
17-2141.00 Mechanical Engineers Green Occupation
  • Select or install combined heat units, power units, cogeneration equipment, or trigeneration equipment that reduces energy use or pollution.
17-3029.06 Manufacturing Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
  • Install manufacturing engineering equipment.
17-3029.09 Manufacturing Production Technicians Green Occupation
  • Install new manufacturing equipment.