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19 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Electrical Engineering Technologists.

  • Build or test electrical components of electric-drive vehicles or prototype vehicles.
17-3024.01 Robotics Technicians   Green Occupation Green
  • Make repairs to robots or peripheral equipment, such as replacement of defective circuit boards, sensors, controllers, encoders, or servomotors.
  • Align, fit, or assemble components, using hand tools, power tools, fixtures, templates, or microscopes.
  • Attach wires between controllers.
  • Build or assemble robotic devices or systems.
17-3029.08 Photonics Technicians Green Occupation
  • Design, build, or modify fixtures used to assemble parts.
  • Optimize photonic process parameters by making prototype or production devices.
  • Build prototype optomechanical devices for use in equipment such as aerial cameras, gun sights, or telescopes.
17-3023.03 Electrical Engineering Technicians Green Occupation
  • Assemble electrical systems or prototypes, using hand tools or measuring instruments.
  • Build, calibrate, maintain, troubleshoot, or repair electrical instruments or testing equipment.
  • Assemble or test solar photovoltaic products, such as inverters or energy management systems.
17-3029.09 Manufacturing Production Technicians Green Occupation
  • Assist engineers in developing, building, or testing prototypes or new products, processes, or procedures.
  • Build product subassemblies or final assemblies.
  • Build packaging for finished products.
17-3029.10 Fuel Cell Technicians Green Occupation
  • Assemble fuel cells or fuel cell stacks according to mechanical or electrical assembly documents or schematics.
  • Build fuel cell prototypes, following engineering specifications.
17-2061.00 Computer Hardware Engineers
  • Build, test, and modify product prototypes, using working models or theoretical models constructed with computer simulation.
  • Assemble and modify existing pieces of equipment to meet special needs.
17-3023.01 Electronics Engineering Technicians Green Occupation
  • Assemble, test, or maintain circuitry or electronic components, according to engineering instructions, technical manuals, or knowledge of electronics, using hand or power tools.
  • Build prototypes from rough sketches or plans.
17-2141.01 Fuel Cell Engineers Green Occupation
  • Fabricate prototypes of fuel cell components, assemblies, stacks, or systems.
17-3021.00 Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians
  • Construct and maintain test facilities for aircraft parts and systems, according to specifications.
17-3024.00 Electro-Mechanical Technicians Green Occupation
  • Align, fit, or assemble component parts, using hand or power tools, fixtures, templates, or microscopes.
17-3029.03 Electromechanical Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
  • Fabricate or assemble mechanical, electrical, or electronic components or assemblies.
17-3011.01 Architectural Drafters Green Occupation
  • Build landscape, architectural, and display models.
17-3027.01 Automotive Engineering Technicians Green Occupation
  • Fabricate new or modify existing prototype components or fixtures.
17-3029.12 Nanotechnology Engineering Technicians Green Occupation
  • Assemble components, using techniques such as interference fitting, solvent bonding, adhesive bonding, heat sealing, or ultrasonic welding.
17-3029.07 Mechanical Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
  • Assemble or disassemble complex mechanical systems.
17-3029.04 Electronics Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
  • Assemble circuitry for electronic systems according to engineering instructions, production specifications, or technical manuals.
17-2199.05 Mechatronics Engineers Green Occupation
  • Create mechanical models and tolerance analyses to simulate mechatronic design concepts.
17-2199.09 Nanosystems Engineers Green Occupation
  • Create designs or prototypes for nanosystem applications, such as biomedical delivery systems or atomic force microscopes.
17-2199.07 Photonics Engineers Green Occupation
  • Develop or test photonic prototypes or models.