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10 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Photonics Technicians.

  • Monitor mechanical factors, such as turbine load or strain information.
17-2151.00 Mining and Geological Engineers, Including Mining Safety Engineers
  • Monitor mine production rates to assess operational effectiveness.
  • Design, implement, and monitor the development of mines, facilities, systems, or equipment.
17-2041.00 Chemical Engineers   Green Occupation Green
  • Perform tests and monitor performance of processes throughout stages of production to determine degree of control over variables such as temperature, density, specific gravity, and pressure.
17-3027.00 Mechanical Engineering Technicians
  • Read dials and meters to determine amperage, voltage, electrical output and input at specific operating temperature to analyze parts performance.
17-3027.01 Automotive Engineering Technicians Green Occupation
  • Monitor computer-controlled test equipment, according to written or verbal instructions.
17-2131.00 Materials Engineers
  • Monitor material performance and evaluate material deterioration.
17-3029.07 Mechanical Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
  • Oversee, monitor, or inspect mechanical installations or construction projects.
17-2199.05 Mechatronics Engineers Green Occupation
  • Monitor or calibrate automated systems, industrial control systems, or system components to maximize efficiency of production.
17-2171.00 Petroleum Engineers
  • Monitor production rates, and plan rework processes to improve production.
17-3029.06 Manufacturing Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
  • Monitor manufacturing processes to identify ways to reduce losses, decrease time requirements, or improve quality.
17-3029.09 Manufacturing Production Technicians Green Occupation
  • Monitor and adjust production processes or equipment for quality and productivity.