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12 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Nuclear Monitoring Technicians.

  • Collect samples of air, water, gases, or solids to determine radioactivity levels of contamination.
19-2021.00 Atmospheric and Space Scientists   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Gather data from sources such as surface or upper air stations, satellites, weather bureaus, or radar for use in meteorological reports or forecasts.
  • Collect air samples from planes or ships over land or sea to study atmospheric composition.
19-4099.03 Remote Sensing Technicians Bright Outlook
  • Collect remote sensing data for forest or carbon tracking activities involved in assessing the impact of environmental change.
19-4071.00 Forest and Conservation Technicians
  • Install gauges, stream flow recorders, and soil moisture measuring instruments, and collect and record data from them to assist with watershed analysis.
19-4043.00 Geological Technicians, Except Hydrologic Technicians Bright Outlook
  • Collect data on underground areas, such as reservoirs, that could be used in carbon sequestration operations.
19-4044.00 Hydrologic Technicians Bright Outlook
  • Collect water and soil samples to test for physical, chemical, or biological properties, such as pH, oxygen level, temperature, and pollution.
19-1029.04 Biologists
  • Collect and analyze biological data about relationships among and between organisms and their environment.
19-3011.01 Environmental Economists Bright Outlook
  • Collect and analyze data to compare the environmental implications of economic policy or practice alternatives.
19-2099.01 Remote Sensing Scientists and Technologists
  • Collect supporting data, such as climatic or field survey data, to corroborate remote sensing data analyses.
19-4051.00 Nuclear Technicians
  • Collect air, water, gas or solid samples for testing to determine radioactivity levels or to ensure appropriate radioactive containment.
19-2041.02 Environmental Restoration Planners Bright Outlook
  • Collect and analyze data to determine environmental conditions and restoration needs.
19-4042.00 Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Including Health Bright Outlook
  • Collect samples of gases, soils, water, industrial wastewater, or asbestos products to conduct tests on pollutant levels or identify sources of pollution.
19-2043.00 Hydrologists Bright Outlook
  • Collect and analyze water samples as part of field investigations or to validate data from automatic monitors.