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10 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Forensic Science Technicians.

  • Confer with ballistics, fingerprinting, handwriting, documents, electronics, medical, chemical, or metallurgical experts concerning evidence and its interpretation.
19-2031.00 Chemists
  • Confer with scientists or engineers to conduct analyses of research projects, interpret test results, or develop nonstandard tests.
19-1029.03 Geneticists
  • Collaborate with biologists and other professionals to conduct appropriate genetic and biochemical analyses.
19-2012.00 Physicists
  • Collaborate with other scientists in the design, development, and testing of experimental, industrial, or medical equipment, instrumentation, and procedures.
19-3022.00 Survey Researchers
  • Collaborate with other researchers in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of surveys.
19-2011.00 Astronomers
  • Collaborate with other astronomers to carry out research projects.
19-4051.02 Nuclear Monitoring Technicians
  • Confer with scientists directing projects to determine significant events to monitor during tests.
29-2036.00 Medical Dosimetrists
  • Develop radiation treatment plans in consultation with members of the radiation oncology team.
19-2021.00 Atmospheric and Space Scientists
  • Consult with other offices, agencies, professionals, or researchers regarding the use and interpretation of climatological information for weather predictions and warnings.
19-3091.00 Anthropologists and Archeologists
  • Participate in forensic activities, such as tooth and bone structure identification, in conjunction with police departments and pathologists.
19-4043.00 Geological Technicians, Except Hydrologic Technicians
  • Collaborate with hydrogeologists to evaluate groundwater or well circulation.