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More than 20 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Art Therapists.

  • Write treatment plans, case summaries, or progress or other reports related to individual clients or client groups.
29-1125.02 Music Therapists   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Design music therapy experiences, using various musical elements to meet client's goals or objectives.
  • Document evaluations, treatment plans, case summaries, or progress or other reports related to individual clients or client groups.
  • Plan or structure music therapy sessions to achieve appropriate transitions, pacing, sequencing, energy level, or intensity in accordance with treatment plans.
  • Improvise instrumentally, vocally, or physically to meet client's therapeutic needs.
  • Integrate behavioral, developmental, improvisational, medical, or neurological approaches into music therapy treatments.
  • Compose, arrange, or adapt music for music therapy treatments.
  • Apply current technology to music therapy practices.
29-1127.00 Speech-Language Pathologists Bright Outlook
  • Develop or implement treatment plans for problems such as stuttering, delayed language, swallowing disorders, or inappropriate pitch or harsh voice problems, based on own assessments and recommendations of physicians, psychologists, or social workers.
  • Write reports and maintain proper documentation of information, such as client Medicaid or billing records or caseload activities, including the initial evaluation, treatment, progress, and discharge of clients.
  • Participate in and write reports for meetings regarding patients' progress, such as individualized educational planning (IEP) meetings, in-service meetings, or intervention assistance team meetings.
  • Develop individual or group activities or programs in schools to deal with behavior, speech, language, or swallowing problems.
  • Develop speech exercise programs to reduce disabilities.
29-1125.00 Recreational Therapists Bright Outlook
  • Plan, organize, direct, and participate in treatment programs and activities to facilitate patients' rehabilitation, help them integrate into the community, and prevent further medical problems.
  • Develop treatment plan to meet needs of patient, based on needs assessment, patient interests, and objectives of therapy.
  • Prepare and submit reports and charts to treatment team to reflect patients' reactions and evidence of progress or regression.
29-1122.00 Occupational Therapists Bright Outlook
  • Evaluate patients' progress and prepare reports that detail progress.
  • Select activities that will help individuals learn work and life-management skills within limits of their mental or physical capabilities.
  • Plan and implement programs and social activities to help patients learn work or school skills and adjust to handicaps.
29-1122.01 Low Vision Therapists, Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and Vision Rehabilitation Therapists Bright Outlook
  • Develop rehabilitation or instructional plans collaboratively with clients, based on results of assessments, needs, and goals.
  • Write reports or complete forms to document assessments, training, progress, or follow-up outcomes.
29-9091.00 Athletic Trainers Bright Outlook
  • Perform general administrative tasks, such as keeping records or writing reports.
29-1141.04 Clinical Nurse Specialists Bright Outlook
  • Prepare reports to document patients' care activities.
29-1066.00 Psychiatrists Bright Outlook
  • Prepare and submit case reports or summaries to government or mental health agencies.
29-1069.03 Hospitalists Bright Outlook
  • Write patient discharge summaries and send them to primary care physicians.
29-1199.05 Orthoptists Bright Outlook
  • Prepare diagnostic or treatment reports for other medical practitioners or therapists.
29-9092.00 Genetic Counselors Bright Outlook
  • Write detailed consultation reports to provide information on complex genetic concepts to patients or referring physicians.
29-1161.00 Nurse Midwives Bright Outlook
  • Write information in medical records or provide narrative summaries to communicate patient information to other health care providers.
29-1069.05 Nuclear Medicine Physicians Bright Outlook
  • Prepare comprehensive interpretive reports of findings.
29-1069.10 Radiologists Bright Outlook
  • Prepare comprehensive interpretive reports of findings.
29-1069.09 Preventive Medicine Physicians Bright Outlook
  • Develop or implement interventions to address behavioral causes of diseases.
29-1069.08 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians Bright Outlook
  • Develop comprehensive plans for immediate and long-term rehabilitation including therapeutic exercise; speech and occupational therapy; counseling; cognitive retraining; patient, family or caregiver education; or community reintegration.
29-2099.01 Neurodiagnostic Technologists Bright Outlook
  • Summarize technical data to assist physicians to diagnose brain, sleep, or nervous system disorders.
29-1199.01 Acupuncturists Bright Outlook
  • Develop individual treatment plans and strategies.
29-1069.07 Pathologists Bright Outlook
  • Write pathology reports summarizing analyses, results, and conclusions.
29-2035.00 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists Bright Outlook
  • Write reports or notes to summarize testing procedures or outcomes for physicians or other medical professionals.