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18 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, First-Line Supervisors of Personal Service Workers.

  • Resolve customer complaints regarding worker performance or services rendered.
11-9081.00 Lodging Managers
  • Answer inquiries pertaining to hotel policies and services, and resolve occupants' complaints.
  • Coordinate front-office activities of hotels or motels, and resolve problems.
39-1012.00 Slot Supervisors   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Respond to and resolve patrons' complaints.
39-3093.00 Locker Room, Coatroom, and Dressing Room Attendants Bright Outlook
  • Refer guest problems or complaints to supervisors.
11-9131.00 Postmasters and Mail Superintendents
  • Resolve customer complaints.
11-9151.00 Social and Community Service Managers Bright Outlook
  • Provide direct service and support to individuals or clients, such as handling a referral for child advocacy issues, conducting a needs evaluation, or resolving complaints.
39-7012.00 Travel Guides Bright Outlook
  • Resolve any problems with itineraries, service, or accommodations.
11-9071.00 Gaming Managers Bright Outlook
  • Resolve customer complaints regarding problems, such as payout errors.
11-2022.00 Sales Managers
  • Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service.
39-3031.00 Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers
  • Settle seating disputes or help solve other customer concerns.
11-3051.06 Hydroelectric Production Managers   Green Occupation Green
  • Respond to problems related to ratepayers, water users, power users, government agencies, educational institutions, or other private or public power resource interests.
11-9061.00 Funeral Service Managers
  • Respond to customer complaints, legal inquiries, payment negotiations, or other post-service matters.
39-1021.01 Spa Managers Bright Outlook
  • Respond to customer inquiries or complaints.
39-1011.00 Gaming Supervisors Bright Outlook
  • Resolve customer or employee complaints.
11-1031.00 Legislators
  • Read and review concerns of constituents or the general public and determine if governmental action is necessary.
11-9051.00 Food Service Managers Bright Outlook
  • Investigate and resolve complaints regarding food quality, service, or accommodations.
11-9141.00 Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers Bright Outlook
  • Investigate complaints, disturbances, and violations and resolve problems, following management rules and regulations.
11-3071.03 Logistics Managers Green Occupation
  • Resolve problems concerning transportation, logistics systems, imports or exports, or customer issues.
11-3071.02 Storage and Distribution Managers Green Occupation
  • Respond to customers' or shippers' questions and complaints regarding storage and distribution services.