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17-1021.00    Cartographers and Photogrammetrists

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    Alternate Occupation Titles yes    5 matches
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Alternate Occupation Titles

  • GIS Analyst (Geographic Information Systems Analyst)
  • GIS Manager (Geographic Information Systems Manager)
  • Geographic Information Systems Mapping Analyst (GIS Mapping Analyst)
  • Geographic Information Systems Specialist (GIS Specialist)
  • Geographic Information Systems Technician (GIS Technician)

O*NET-SOC Description

  • Collect, analyze, and interpret geographic information provided by geodetic surveys, aerial photographs, and satellite data. Research, study, and prepare maps and other spatial data in digital or graphic form for legal, social, political, educational, and design purposes. May work with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). May design and evaluate algorithms, data structures, and user interfaces for GIS and mapping systems.


  • Collect information about specific features of the Earth using aerial photography and other digital remote sensing techniques.