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29-2071.00    Medical Records and Health Information Technicians   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  

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    Alternate Occupation Titles yes    33 matches
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  • Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

Alternate Occupation Titles

  • Health Informatics Specialist
  • Health Information Administrator
  • Health Information Clerk
  • Health Information Coder
  • Health Information Correspondence Clerk
  • Health Information Correspondence Coordinator
  • Health Information Department Manager
  • Health Information Management
  • Health Information Management Administrator
  • Health Information Management Analyst (HIM Analyst)
  • Health Information Management Clerk
  • Health Information Management Coder, Registered Health Information Technician (HIM Coder, RHIT)
  • Health Information Management Coordinator
  • Health Information Management Director (HIM Director)
  • Health Information Management Hospital Coder (HIM Hospital Coder)
  • Health Information Management Medical Records (HIM Medical Records)
  • Health Information Management Records Analyst (HIM Records Analyst)
  • Health Information Management Scanning Specialist (HIM Scanning Specialist)
  • Health Information Management Specialist
  • Health Information Management Technician
  • Health Information Management Technician, Coder (HIM Tech, Coder)
  • Health Information Management Telecommunications Operator (HIM Telecommunications Operator)
  • Health Information Management, Birth Certificate Clerk
  • Health Information Manager, HIPAA Privacy Officer (Health Information Manager, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Officer)
  • Health Information Services Coordinator
  • Health Information Specialist
  • Health Information Specialist, Coder, Acute Care and Behavioral Health
  • Health Information Systems Technician
  • Health Information Technician (Health Information Tech)
  • Health Services Information Specialist
  • Medical Records Release of Information Clerk
  • Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)
  • Release of Information Specialist

O*NET-SOC Description

  • Compile, process, and maintain medical records of hospital and clinic patients in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the health care system. Process, maintain, compile, and report patient information for health requirements and standards in a manner consistent with the healthcare industry's numerical coding system.


  • Consult classification manuals to locate information about disease processes.
  • Plan, develop, maintain, or operate a variety of health record indexes or storage and retrieval systems to collect, classify, store, or analyze information.
  • Prepare statistical reports, narrative reports, or graphic presentations of information, such as tumor registry data for use by hospital staff, researchers, or other users.
  • Release information to persons or agencies according to regulations.
  • Resolve or clarify codes or diagnoses with conflicting, missing, or unclear information by consulting with doctors or others or by participating in the coding team's regular meetings.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Process medical billing information.