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Tools & Technology for:
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Tools | Technology


Charcoal pencils
  • Sketching pencils
Desktop computers
Digital camcorders or video cameras
  • Digital video cameras
Digital cameras
  • Digital still cameras
Notebook computers
  • Laptop computers
Personal computers
Tablet computers


Action games
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Director
Computer aided design CAD software
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Design
Desktop publishing software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe InDesign
  • Quark software
Document management software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Acrobat
Electronic mail software
  • Microsoft Outlook
Graphics or photo imaging software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Systems Adobe ImageReady
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Photoshop software
  • Autodesk Maya
Internet browser software
  • Web broswer software
Mobile operator specific application software
  • Mag+ software
  • Mobile application software
  • Tablet application software
Network conferencing software
  • Atlassian Confluence
Presentation software
  • Apple iWork Keynote
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
Project management software
  • Atlassian JIRA
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel
Video creation and editing software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe AfterEffects
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
Web page creation and editing software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Social media software
  • WordPress
Web platform development software
  • AJAX
  • Apache Software Foundation Flex
  • Cascading Style Sheets CSS
  • Drupal
  • Dynamic hypertext markup language DHTML
  • Extensible HyperText Markup Language XHTML
  • Hypertext markup language HTML
  • JavaScript
  • WoodWing software
Word processing software
  • Microsoft Word

We welcome feedback on the Tools & Technology database. We encourage you to suggest tools and technologies where our coverage may not reflect the full range of an occupation's duties. All suggestions will be considered for a future update of the T2 database.

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