Indiana Employment Trends 51-9161.00 - Computer Numerically Controlled Tool Operators

In Indiana:

Employment (2020)
4,800 employees
Projected employment (2030)
4,740 employees
Projected growth (2020-2030)
Projected annual job openings (2020-2030)

In the United States:

Employment (2021)
160,400 employees
Projected employment (2031)
147,600 employees
Projected growth (2021-2031)
-8% Decline
Projected annual job openings (2021-2031)

Indiana source: Projections Central 2020-2030 long-term projections external site. United States source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021-2031 employment projections external site. "Projected growth" represents the estimated change in total employment over the projections period. "Projected annual job openings" represent openings due to growth and replacement.