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Related Occupations for Task
33-3021.05 - Immigration and Customs Inspectors

Related occupations for task:

Institute civil and criminal prosecutions and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of those in violation of immigration or customs laws.

33-3021.06 Intelligence Analysts
  • Study activities relating to narcotics, money laundering, gangs, auto theft rings, terrorism, or other national security threats.
  • Collaborate with representatives from other government and intelligence organizations to share information or coordinate intelligence activities.
  • Link or chart suspects to criminal organizations or events to determine activities and interrelationships.
  • Study the assets of criminal suspects to determine the flow of money from or to targeted groups.
33-3021.03 Criminal Investigators and Special Agents
  • Investigate organized crime, public corruption, financial crime, copyright infringement, civil rights violations, bank robbery, extortion, kidnapping, and other violations of federal or state statutes.
  • Collaborate with other offices and agencies to exchange information and coordinate activities.
33-3021.01 Police Detectives
  • Coordinate with outside agencies and serve on interagency task forces to combat specific types of crime.
33-3021.02 Police Identification and Records Officers
  • Serve as technical advisor and coordinate with other law enforcement workers or legal personnel to exchange information on crime scene collection activities.
33-3052.00 Transit and Railroad Police
  • Investigate or direct investigations of freight theft, suspicious damage or loss of passengers' valuables, or other crimes on railroad property.

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