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41-2031.00 - Retail Salespersons

Sell merchandise, such as furniture, motor vehicles, appliances, or apparel to consumers.

Sample of reported job titles: Car Salesman, Clerk, Customer Assistant, Retail Salesperson, Sales Associate, Sales Clerk, Sales Consultant, Sales Person, Sales Representative, Salesman

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Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)
260.357-026    Salesperson, Flowers
261.351-010    Salesperson, Wigs
261.354-010    Salesperson, Corsets
261.357-042    Salesperson, Furs
261.357-046    Salesperson, Infants' and Children's Wear
261.357-050    Salesperson, Men's and Boys' Clothing
261.357-054    Salesperson, Men's Furnishings
261.357-058    Salesperson, Millinery
261.357-062    Salesperson, Shoes
261.357-066    Salesperson, Women's Apparel and Accessories
261.357-070    Salesperson, Yard Goods
261.357-074    Salesperson, Leather-and-Suede Apparel-and-Accessories
262.357-018    Salesperson, Cosmetics and Toiletries
270.352-010    Salesperson, Sewing Machines
270.357-018    Salesperson, China and Silverware
270.357-022    Salesperson, Curtains and Draperies
270.357-026    Salesperson, Floor Coverings
270.357-030    Salesperson, Furniture
270.357-034    Salesperson, Household Appliances
270.357-038    Salesperson, Stereo Equipment
271.354-010    Salesperson, Electric Motors
272.357-022    Salesperson, Horticultural and Nursery Products
273.353-010    Salesperson, Automobiles
273.357-018    Sales Representative, Boats and Marine Supplies
273.357-030    Salesperson, Automobile Accessories
273.357-034    Salesperson, Trailers and Motor Homes
276.257-018    Salesperson, Orthopedic Shoes
277.354-010    Salesperson, Pianos and Organs
277.357-034    Salesperson, Books
277.357-038    Salesperson, Musical Instruments and Accessories
277.357-042    Salesperson, Pets and Pet Supplies
277.357-046    Salesperson, Phonograph Records and Tape Recordings
277.357-050    Salesperson, Photographic Supplies and Equipment
277.357-054    Salesperson, Sheet Music
277.357-058    Salesperson, Sporting Goods
277.357-062    Salesperson, Stamps or Coins
277.357-066    Salesperson, Toy Trains and Accessories
277.457-010    Salesperson, Art Objects
279.357-046    Salesperson, Flying Squad
279.357-050    Salesperson, General Hardware
279.357-054    Salesperson, General Merchandise
279.357-058    Salesperson, Jewelry
290.477-014    Sales Clerk
299.377-010    Platform Attendant
299.467-010    Layaway Clerk
299.677-010    Sales Attendant