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management software

Categories matching "management software"

Document management software

Examples: Actuarial Systems Corporation Document Generation and Management System; Agency Management Systems AMS 360; Alfresco Software Alfresco; Allstar Software Systems Kofax; show all 199 examples

Customer relationship management CRM software

Examples: Salesforce software Hot technology ; Adtec Agency Manager; AdTrack Customer Acquisition Management CAM; Allied Financial Software Act4Advisors; show all 142 examples

Data base management system software

Examples: Relational database management software Hot technology ; Bare Bones Software BBEdit; BMC Software Change Manager; Catalog navigation software; show all 76 examples

Project management software

Examples: Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Hot technology ; AEC Software FastTrack Schedule for Windows; American Glazing Software AGS WindowPricer; App Software Associations; show all 211 examples

Inventory management software

Examples: Argos Software ABECAS Insight WMS; Army Food Management Information System; Asset management software; Assisi Software Assisi Inventory; show all 83 examples

Configuration management software

Examples: Application management software; Automated installation software; Deployment software; EMC Ionix Network Configuration Manager; show all 26 examples

Facilities management software

Examples: Access Software AIRPAX; Alarm system software; Building management system software; Computerized maintenance management system CMMS; show all 55 examples

Network security or virtual private network VPN management software

Examples: Virtual private networking VPN software Hot technology ; Coordinated incident management system CIMS software; Database security software; Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway; show all 24 examples

Metadata management software

Examples: Adaptive Metadata Manager; Data dictionary software; Data mapping software; Data modeling software; show all 28 examples

Data base user interface and query software

Examples: Amazon Web Services AWS software Hot technology ; Data entry software Hot technology ; Oracle software Hot technology ; Abilis CORIS Offender Management System; show all 911 examples

Administration software

Examples: Asset management administration software; Cisco Systems CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution; Element management software; Hewlett-Packard HP Network Node Manager; show all 24 examples

Human resources software

Examples: Apex Business Software iBenefits; Apex Business Software iHR; Applicant tracking software; Asure Software HCM; show all 256 examples

Materials requirements planning logistics and supply chain software

Examples: Aldata Warehouse Management; Applied Software Technologies Asset Maintenance and Materials Management System; Bed Management Suite; Bill of lading software; show all 171 examples

Expert system software

Examples: Ansible software Hot technology ; Autopilot software; Axonwave Fraud and Abuse Management System; Bill review software; show all 47 examples

Accounting software

Examples: Account management software; AccountMate Software AccountMate; Accounts payable software; Accounts receivable software; show all 168 examples

Enterprise resource planning ERP software

Examples: Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Hot technology ; Acculaw Court Reporters Billing Scheduling Job Management System ABSMS; AcornSystems Corporate Performance Management; ADP software; show all 270 examples

Financial analysis software

Examples: Accounting fraud detection software; Amortization loan software; Annuities analysis software; Appraisal software; show all 358 examples

Time accounting software

Examples: Asure Software HCM; Automated payroll software; Automated timekeeping software; Blumenthal Software PBSW24; show all 67 examples

Web page creation and editing software

Examples: Adobe Systems Adobe Experience Manager (AEM); Bare Bones Software BBEdit; Blogging software; Content management systems CMS; show all 66 examples

Calendar and scheduling software

Examples: AEC Software FastTrack Schedule; Appointment scheduling software; AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Manager; Argos Software ABECAS Insight Freight Management System FMS (calendar and scheduling feature); show all 89 examples

Computer based training software

Analytical or scientific software

Examples: 3D motion analysis software; Absorption process simulation software; AcaStat Software; ACCA Manual J; show all 1685 examples

Compliance software

Examples: 80-20 Software Leaders4; Accounting compliance software; Agiliance Compliance Manager; Archer Compliance Management; show all 129 examples

Industrial control software

Examples: Supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA software Hot technology ; Alarm management system software; Artificial intelligence software; Assembly line balancing software; show all 168 examples

Medical software

Examples: Medical condition coding software Hot technology ; MEDITECH software Hot technology ; Accra Med Software Filopto; Acrendo Medical Software Family Practice EMR; show all 682 examples

Point of sale POS software

Examples: Advanced Retail Management Systems Retail Pro; Automotive and Accounting Software by R*KOM Invoice Writer; Compris Advanced Manager's Workstation; Compris software; show all 98 examples

Access software

Examples: Access management software; Biometric reader software; Card key management software; Citrix software; show all 21 examples

Mobile location based services software

Examples: Commercial vehicle operations CVO software; Fleet monitoring system software; Global positioning system GPS software; Piccolo Software PiccoloTaxi; show all 22 examples

Procurement software

Examples: Ariba Spend Management Suite; Automated purchase order software; Bottomline Technologies Bottomline Sprinter Purchasing Manager; Brokerage software; show all 15 examples

Graphics or photo imaging software

Computer aided design CAD software

Examples: 3D Printing software; 3D urban simulation modeling software; ASR Software LWC-Plus; ASR Software Taper-Plus; show all 351 examples

Flight control software

Examples: Direct-to-tool software; Expedite departure path EDP software; Flight simulation software; Multi-center traffic management advisor McTMA; show all 8 examples

Storage networking software

Examples: Media storage management software; Network storage software; Storage area network SAN software; Storage management software; show all 6 examples

Network monitoring software

Examples: Automated audit trail analysis software; Automated media tracking software; Compaq Insight Manager; Guidance Software EnCase Forensic; show all 73 examples

Object oriented data base management software

Examples: Database management system DBMS; Object database management system ODBMS; Object oriented programming software; PostgreSQL Hot technology ; show all 8 examples

Enterprise system management software

Examples: ArcSight Enterprise Threat and Risk Management; IBM Power Systems software; Microsoft Systems Management Server; Splunk Enterprise Hot technology ; show all 6 examples

Content workflow software

Examples: Emerald Software Group Emerald Green Office; I-many Contract Management; IBM FileNet Content Manager; Vignette Content Management; show all 13 examples

Network operating system enhancement software

Examples: EMC Smarts Network Protocol Manager; Management information base MIB software; Network, server and operating system optimization software; Operating system process control software; show all 10 examples

Backup or archival software

Examples: Backup and archival software; BMC Software Recovery Manager RMAN; Data Recovery Software SQL Server Data Recovery; Database cloning software; show all 26 examples

Data base reporting software

Examples: Database reporting software; Internet based MLS database software; Locomotive distribution software; Meter reading software; show all 44 examples

Library software

Examples: Cataloging software; Computer access catalog software; Emerald Insight Emerald Management Xtra; Kelowna Software L4U; show all 38 examples

Authentication server software

Examples: IBM Tivoli Identity Management TIM; Microsoft Forefront Identify Manager; Password management software; Remote authentication dial-in user service RADIUS software; show all 5 examples

Network security and virtual private network VPN equipment software

Examples: Virtual private networking VPN software Hot technology ; Content filter software; Cryptographic key management software; Firewall software; show all 14 examples

Helpdesk or call center software

Examples: Automatic call distribution software; BMC Software Remedy IT Service Management Suite; Call accounting software; Call center software; show all 12 examples

Office suite software

Examples: BQE Software ArchiOffice; Business software applications; Experian Strategy Management; Latitude software; show all 18 examples
13-2011.00 Accountants and Auditors Bright Outlook
27-2011.00 Actors
15-2011.00 Actuaries Bright Outlook
29-1291.00 Acupuncturists
29-1141.01 Acute Care Nurses Bright Outlook
25-2059.01 Adapted Physical Education Specialists Bright Outlook

Optical character reader OCR or scanning software

Information retrieval or search software

Development environment software

Examples: Integrated development environment IDE software Hot technology ; Aonix Software Through Pictures; Automated document generation software; Code munger software; show all 187 examples

Requirements analysis and system architecture software

Examples: Capacity planning software; Database capacity planning software; Network architecture design software; Requirements analysis software; show all 13 examples

Filesystem software

Examples: Computer forensic software; Desktop partitioning software; Electronic filing software; File server software; show all 13 examples

Pattern design software

Examples: Block diagram software; Diagramming software; Flow chart software; Mind mapping software; show all 12 examples

Categorization or classification software

Examples: Diagnostic and procedural coding software; DRG grouping software; Drug coding software; 3M Encoder; show all 16 examples

Data mining software

Examples: Cytel Software XLMiner; Data extraction software; Data warehouse software; Text mining software; show all 27 examples

Business intelligence and data analysis software

Examples: Business intelligence software; Business intelligence system software; Qlik software; Search engine optimization SEO software; show all 27 examples

Route navigation software

Examples: Automatic routing software; Intergraph GeoMedia Transportation Manager; Navigation software; Navigational chart software; show all 18 examples

Internet protocol IP multimedia subsystem software

Examples: Voice over internet protocol VoiP system software Hot technology ; File transfer protocol FTP client software; File transfer protocol FTP software; Internet Protocol Television Systems; show all 9 examples

Label making software

Examples: Barcode labeling software; Label printing software; Label-making software; Labeling software; show all 11 examples

Sales and marketing software

Examples: HubSpot software Hot technology ; Search engine marketing SEM software; Webtrends software; Google AdWords Hot technology ; show all 7 examples

Tax preparation software

Examples: Income tax return preparation software; Orrtax Software IntelliTax; Orrtax Software IntelliTax Business for Windows; Orrtax Software IntelliTax Classic; show all 39 examples

Music or sound editing software

Examples: Audio editing software; ChordWizard Software Soundtrix Gold; D'accord Music Software iChords; Epinoisis Software Digital Ear; show all 103 examples

Video creation and editing software

Examples: Character generator software; Live streaming software; Motion capture software; Multimedia video analysis software; show all 68 examples

Word processing software

Examples: Addressing software; Advantage Software Total Eclipse; Ashley Software Writer's Blocks; Burli Software Burli Newsroom System; show all 99 examples
13-2011.00 Accountants and Auditors Bright Outlook
27-2011.00 Actors
15-2011.00 Actuaries Bright Outlook
29-1291.00 Acupuncturists
29-1141.01 Acute Care Nurses Bright Outlook
25-2059.01 Adapted Physical Education Specialists Bright Outlook

Charting software

Examples: Flowcharting software; Graphing software; Timeline software; AASoftTech Web Organization Chart; show all 9 examples

Presentation software

Examples: Financial planning presentation software; Information presentation software; Presentation graphics software; Microsoft PowerPoint Hot technology ; show all 39 examples

Desktop publishing software

Examples: Digital contract software; Document publishing software; MadCap Software MadCap Flare; Adobe Systems Adobe InDesign Hot technology ; show all 41 examples

Enterprise application integration software

Examples: BMC Software Control-M; Electronic data interchange EDI software; Enterprise application integration EAI software; Rapid application development RAD software; show all 31 examples

Object or component oriented development software

Examples: Component object model COM software; Computer aided software engineering CASE tools; Distributed component object model DCOM software; Object oriented development environment software; show all 62 examples

Program testing software

Examples: Compatibility testing software; Computer system diagnostics software; Conformance and validation testing software; Database testing software; show all 71 examples

Compiler and decompiler software

Examples: Code generator software; Incremental compiler software; Inline code expander software; Interpreter software; show all 20 examples

Computer aided manufacturing CAM software

Examples: CNC Software Mastercam; Computer-aided inspection software; Dental product manufacturing software; Direct motion computer numerically controlled CNC software; show all 125 examples

Desktop communications software

Examples: Imagine Software Imagine Trading System; Online trading software; Remote control software; Secure shell SSH software; show all 20 examples

Internet directory services software

Examples: Active directory software; Network addressable storage NAS software; Network directory services software; Berkeley Internet Domain Name BIND; show all 8 examples

Communications server software

Examples: Email management software; Emergency notification system software; IBM Domino; MIR3 Intelligent Notification; show all 5 examples

Network connectivity terminal emulation software

Examples: Rasmussen Software Anzio; Telnet programs software; Terminal emulation software; Zephyr EXTRA! Terminal Emulation

Platform interconnectivity software

Examples: Connectivity software; Keysight Intuilink Connectivity Software; Migration software; Virtual network computing VNC software; show all 8 examples

Operating system software

Examples: Event log monitor software; Handheld computer device software; Operating system monitoring software; Real time operating system RTOS software; show all 54 examples

Transaction security and virus protection software

Examples: Anti-phishing software; Anti-spyware software; Anti-Trojan software; Antivirus software; show all 39 examples

Device drivers or system software

Voice recognition software

Examples: Dictation software; Speech recognition software; Voice activated software; Voice dictation software; show all 16 examples

Electronic mail software

Examples: Electronic data interchange EDI software; Email software; Linux-based email software; Listserv software; show all 23 examples
13-2011.00 Accountants and Auditors Bright Outlook
27-2011.00 Actors
15-2011.00 Actuaries Bright Outlook
29-1291.00 Acupuncturists
29-1141.01 Acute Care Nurses Bright Outlook
25-2059.01 Adapted Physical Education Specialists Bright Outlook

Video conferencing software

Map creation software

Examples: ESRI ArcGIS software Hot technology ; Geographic information system GIS software Hot technology ; Aerotriangulation adjustment software; Boundary survey software; show all 130 examples

Table gambling management systems

Examples: Player tracking system software; Table game management system software; Progressive Gaming Chip Inventory System; Tangam Gaming TableEye21; show all 5 examples
39-3011.00 Gambling Dealers Bright Outlook

License management software

Examples: Permit administration software; ConEst Permit Trac

Legal management software

Examples: Courtroom scheduling software; Collateral Consequences Calculator; Thomson Reuters WestlawNext Litigator

File versioning software

Examples: Continuous integration software; Version control software; Apache Subversion SVN Hot technology ; Git Hot technology ; show all 8 examples

Clustering software

Examples: Cluster server software; Parallel systems software; Aster Data nCluster; Clustermatic; show all 5 examples

Transaction server software

Examples: Object Management Group Object Request Broker; Web server software; Armand Morin MultiTrack Generator; BEA Tuxedo; show all 10 examples

Bar coding software

Graphical user interface development software

Examples: Graphical user interface GUI builder software; Graphical user interface GUI design software; Salesforce Visualforce Hot technology ; Adobe Systems Adobe RoboHelp; show all 11 examples

Web platform development software

Switch or router software

Examples: Router software; Switch software; Border Gateway Protocol BGP; Cisco Systems Cisco Web Cache Communication Protocol WCCP; show all 10 examples

Data conversion software

Examples: Portable document file creation software; Video file conversion software; AlgoLab Raster to Vector Conversion Toolkit; BOSS Didger; show all 8 examples

Storage media loading software

Examples: Intel Data Migration Software; Patient records software for personal digital assistants PDAs

Network conferencing software

Examples: Chat software; Webinar software; Active Data Online WebChat; Adobe Systems Adobe Connect; show all 13 examples

Mobile operator specific application software

Examples: Mobile application software; Tablet application software; Mag+; Microsoft ActiveSync
27-1011.00 Art Directors
13-1199.06 Online Merchants Bright Outlook
21-1015.00 Rehabilitation Counselors Bright Outlook

Personal finance or money management education instructional materials

Examples: Money management software

Action games

Examples: Biometrics video game software; Video game software; Virtual reality game software; BrainTrain SmartDriver

Optical network management software

Procedure management software

Examples: Hexagon Metrology PC-DMIS; Optical Gaging Products Measure-X

Integrated maintenance information systems

Examples: Aircraft maintenance management systems; LTB/400 maintenance management system; Maintenance tracking software; Aircraft Technical Publishers ATP Maintenance Planner; show all 10 examples

WAN switching software and firmware

Examples: Cisco Systems WAN Manager; Wide area network WAN software; ATD protocol; X.25 Protocol

Gateway software

Examples: Microsoft Windows Terminal Services Access Manager; Secure web gateway software

Mailing and shipping software

Examples: Shipment processing software; Postal Explorer

Audit software

Examples: PCG Software Virtual Examiner

Spreadsheet software

Examples: Restaurant Operations & Management Spreadsheet Library; Microsoft Excel Hot technology ; Apple AppleWorks; Apple iWork Numbers; show all 16 examples
13-2011.00 Accountants and Auditors Bright Outlook
27-2011.00 Actors
15-2011.00 Actuaries Bright Outlook
29-1291.00 Acupuncturists
29-1141.01 Acute Care Nurses Bright Outlook
25-2059.01 Adapted Physical Education Specialists Bright Outlook

Foreign language software

Examples: Computer assisted language learning CALL software; Ace Translator; Adapt It; AmoK Translator; show all 16 examples

Voice synthesizer and recognition software

Examples: Voice picking software

Application server software

Interactive voice response software

Examples: Computerized voice stress analyzer CVSA software; CfMC SoundSurvent

Contact center software

Examples: Multi-channel contact center software; Timpani Contact Center; Timpani Email

LAN software

Wireless software

Examples: Mobile wireless network infrastructure software

Bridge software

Examples: Network bridge software

Network operation system software

Examples: Remote install server software; IBM z/OS operating systems; SunGard NotiFind

Data compression software

Examples: File compression software; Arbor Image Draftsman; Corel WinZip

Text to speech conversion software

Examples: Text to speech software

Spell checkers

Examples: Spelling and grammar checking software; Sylvan Software Complete Medical Pharmaceutical Spell Checker; Hand held spell checkers; Spellex AccuCount


Examples: Common industrial protocol CIP software; Programmable logic controller PLC software; Automated vision systems; Basic stamp microcontrollers; show all 13 examples

Writing aids for the physically challenged

Portal server software

Examples: Apache HTTP Server Hot technology ; Apache Webserver; Oracle iPlanet Web Server; Vignette Portal

Dietary guidelines or balanced diets educational resources

Examples: Nutrition management software

Dictionary software

Examples: American Sign Language ASL browser; Electronic dictionaries; University of California Thesaurus Linguae Graecae TLG

Aviation ground support software

Examples: Bornemann Associates Flight Plan; Sabre

Manufacturing execution system MES software

Examples: CA Easytrieve Report Generator

Fax software

Examples: Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition

Graphics card driver software

43-9031.00 Desktop Publishers

Printer driver software

43-9031.00 Desktop Publishers

Computer aided design CAD and computer aided manufacturing CAM system

Examples: Computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing CAD/CAM engraving software; Edgecam

Aircraft fuel management systems

Examples: Fuel control systems

Medical x ray film archiving system software

Examples: Image storage systems; Novarad NovaPacs; Scan converters

Network management or monitoring device

Examples: Packet analysis equipment

Network cable management panel assembly

Examples: Network cabling systems

Automatic call distributor ACD

Examples: Call management systems CMS; Automated call distributors ACD; Automatic call distributing ACD consoles; Automatic call distribution ACD system; show all 5 examples

Relationship building or family life skills instructional materials

Examples: Human development software

Vehicle navigation systems

Examples: Voyage management systems VMS; Automatic radar plotting aids ARPA; Dynamic positioning DP systems; Electronic chart display and information systems ECDIS; show all 9 examples

Aircraft guidance systems

Examples: Flight management systems FMS; Aerial imagery mapping-grade global positioning systems GPS; Area navigation RNAV systems; Attitude heading reference systems AHRS; show all 29 examples

Aircraft braking systems

Examples: Brake management systems; Autobrakes; Pneumatic emergency brake systems; Power brake systems

Aircraft environment controllers

Examples: Cabin management systems; Air pressurization systems; Emergency pressurization systems; Pressurization control systems; show all 5 examples

Furnace control console

Examples: Burner management systems

Network analyzers

Examples: Cisco Systems Cisco Application Visibility and Management AVM Traffic Collector; Asynchronous transfer mode ATM analyzers; Cable analyzers; Cable qualification testers; show all 26 examples

Deoxyribonucleic sequence analyzers

Examples: Metaphase finding system software; Automated deoxyribonucleic acid DNA sequencers; Automated DNA sequencing equipment; Computerized karotype equipment; show all 9 examples

Braille devices for the physically challenged

Voice synthesizers for the physically challenged

Examples: Talking word processor software; Augmentative communication devices; Personal readers; Portable communication devices; show all 8 examples

Point of sale payment terminal

Examples: Credit card authorization software; Card readers; Pay stations; Telecheck processing terminals

Electronic charts or maps or atlases

Examples: ActiveMap Tour Guide software; Appraisal, mapping, and comparison data reporting systems; Electronic flood maps; Electronic maps; show all 13 examples

Bible reference guides

Examples: Logos Bible Software Lexham Bible Dictionary

Manual resuscitators

Examples: Manual resuscitation bags; Manually operated oxygen supply resuscitators

Fertilizer spreaders or distributors

Mercury blood pressure units

Examples: Manual blood pressure cuffs; Manual blood pressure equipment; Manual blood pressure measurement equipment; Manual blood pressure units; show all 11 examples

Manual press brake

Manual multichannel air displacement pipetters

Examples: Manual pipettes

Manual single channel positive displacement pipetters

Examples: Manual single channel positive displacement pipettes

Manual wire straighteners

Manual or electronic hematology differential cell counters

Manual single channel air displacement pipetters

Examples: Single-channel pipettes

Manual single channel repeating pipetters

Manual pencil sharpener

Examples: Makeup pencil sharpeners

Manual meat tenderizer

Examples: Meat tenderizing tools
51-3092.00 Food Batchmakers

Manicure implements

Examples: Cuticle knives; Cuticle nippers; Cuticle pushers; Cuticle scissors; show all 13 examples


Examples: Manual rollers; 4-6 ton roller patchers; Patch rollers less than 9 tons; Pavement rollers; show all 9 examples

Pulled scrapers

Examples: Manure scrapers; Scrapers; Turn-a-pulls

Manlift or personnel lift

Milling machines

Examples: Manual mills; 3-axis computer numerically controlled CNC milling machines; Computer numerical control CNC mills; Computer numerical control CNC routers; show all 20 examples

Specialty assembly

Examples: Manual tire building machines TBM; Automatic tire building machines TBM; Robotic assembly machines; Wire-routing tools

Semiconductor process systems

Examples: Manual wet benches; Aligners; Anodic wafer bonding systems; Atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition APCVD systems; show all 107 examples

Tracer or duplicating or contouring lathe

Pallet trucks

Examples: Manual pallet jacks; Double deckers; Electric pallet jacks; Machine rollers; show all 15 examples


Examples: Manual lifts; Aircraft test stands; Combination vacuum lifts; Counterbalanced front/side loader lift trucks; show all 34 examples



Rail switching systems

Aircraft steering controls

Examples: Manual trim wheels; Aileron trim switches; Automatic landing systems; Control wheels; show all 11 examples



Post hole digger


Examples: Manicure tweezers; Beading tweezers; Cross lock tweezers; Cross locking tweezers; show all 35 examples

Broadcast spreaders

Examples: Manual gravel spreaders; Garden hand seeders; Mulch spreaders; Rotary spreaders; show all 5 examples

Air brushes

Examples: Manicure airbrushes; Airbrushing tools; Artists' air brushes; Cake decorating air brushes; show all 5 examples

Tissue processors

Examples: Manual tissue choppers; Automated tissue sectioning systems; Automatic tissue processors; Tissue baths; show all 5 examples

Load frame

Examples: Manual load frames; Load frames; Servohydraulic load frames

Dental film processors

Examples: Manual film processing systems; Automatic film processing systems; Dental x ray development equipment; Dental x ray film processors
31-9091.00 Dental Assistants Bright Outlook
29-1292.00 Dental Hygienists Bright Outlook
29-1021.00 Dentists, General

Emergency medical services triage tags

Examples: Triage tags

Emergency medical services suction units or accessories

Examples: Airway suction units; Battery-powered portable suction units; Emergency suction kits; Fixed-suction equipment

Emergency medical services tracheal tube or cricothyrotomy kits

Examples: Cricothyrotomy devices; Cricothyrotomy equipment; Cricothyrotomy kits

Emergency medical services oxygen or resuscitation kits

Examples: Self-inflating manual resuscitation devices
53-2031.00 Flight Attendants Bright Outlook

Electronic blood pressure units

Examples: Manual blood pressure monitors; Automated blood pressure cuffs; Automated blood pressure measurement equipment; Automatic blood pressure cuffs; show all 12 examples

Ophthalmic lensometers

Opticians tools or accessories

Examples: Manual pupillometers; Angling pliers; Bracing pliers; Bushing pullers; show all 38 examples

Medical x ray darkroom equipment or supplies

Examples: Manual darkroom developing equipment; Automatic x ray film processors; Darkroom equipment; Portable film processors; show all 7 examples

Cognitive or dexterity or perceptual or sensory evaluation or testing products

Examples: Electronic manual muscle testers; Auditory stimulation equipment; Block pattern sets; Digital inclinometer range of motion measurement instruments; show all 11 examples

Esophageal tubes

Examples: Esophageal tracheal airway devices

Endotracheal tubes

Examples: Double lumen tubes; Endotracheal ET tubes; Endotracheal tubing

Tracheostomy tubes

Examples: Tracheotomy tubes

Respiratory aspirator products or accessories

Examples: Meconium aspirators

Artificial airway holders

Examples: Endotracheal ET tube holddown devices

Endotracheal or tracheotomy sets

Examples: Tracheostomy sets; Tracheotomy sets

Respiratory manometer kits

Examples: Manometers

Nasopharyngeal tubes

Examples: Nasopharyngeal airways

Pharyngeal airways or airways kits

Examples: Laryngeal mask airways LMA; Oropharyngeal airways
29-1211.00 Anesthesiologists
29-1021.00 Dentists, General
29-2042.00 Emergency Medical Technicians Bright Outlook
29-1229.02 Hospitalists
29-1151.00 Nurse Anesthetists Bright Outlook
29-2043.00 Paramedics Bright Outlook

Tracheostomy accessories

Examples: Tracheostomy collars
29-1141.00 Registered Nurses Bright Outlook

Automated attendant systems

Examples: Automated telephone answering systems; Voice broadcasting systems

Premise branch exchange PBX systems

Examples: Multi-line switchboards; Premise branch exchange PBX equipment; Private automatic branch exchange PABX systems; Switchboards; show all 5 examples

Standalone telephone caller identification

Examples: Calling line identification equipment; Dialed number identification systems DNIS; Telephone call identification systems


Examples: Autodialing equipment; Autodialing systems; Predictive dialers

Telephony equipment service observing units

Examples: Telephone test sets

Interactive voice recognition equipment

Examples: Dispatch servers; Voice recognition equipment

Music or message on hold player

Examples: On hold players

Intercom systems

Examples: Customer-to-operator two-way communication systems; Intercom equipment; Office intercom systems; Studio intercom systems


Examples: Manual hand staplers; Electric tabletop staplers

Printing presses

Examples: Manual production printing presses; Digital printing presses; Multicolor presses; Sheetfed presses; show all 5 examples

Offset film processors

Examples: Manual photo printers; Automatic photo printers; Digital minilabs; Minilab processors; show all 6 examples

Collection tanks

Examples: Manure storage tanks; Collectors; Sanitation treatment tanks

Dewatering equipment

Examples: Manure separators; Filter press simulators; Sludge dryers

Sludge shredders

Examples: Manure chopper pumps; Comminutors

Networked wagering games

Examples: Keno systems

Domestic dough press

Examples: Manual dough presses
51-3011.00 Bakers Bright Outlook


Examples: Manicure tables

Wire labeling tool and printer

Examples: Labeling kits

Chemistry test kits or supplies

Examples: Lead testing kits

Hematology test kits or supplies

Examples: Hematology test kits

Immunology or serology test kits or supplies

Immunology or serology quality controls or calibrators or standards

Examples: Immuno-sensors

Urinalysis test strips

Toxicology test kits or supplies

Examples: Mold sampling equipment; Toxic mold test kits

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