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Expert system software

Examples relevant to your query "management software":

  • Ansible software Hot technology
  • Autopilot software
  • Axonwave Fraud and Abuse Management System
  • Bill review software
  • Computer aided dispatching auto routing software
  • Computer assisted telephone interviewing CATI software
  • Decision support software
  • Digivey software (expert system feature)
  • Document creation software
  • Electronic train management systems ETMS
  • IBM Fraud and Abuse Management System
  • Legal software
  • Lucero System Office Management
  • Newsletter production software
  • Topaz Software Symplifi (business analysis feature)
  • Valley Agricultural Software Feed Watch

Other examples for this category:

  • Acarda CallAssist
  • Advanced technologies and oceanic procedures ATOP
  • Apache Mahout
  • Automated radar terminal systems ARTS
  • CCC GuidePost Decision Support
  • Center TRACON automation systems CTAS
  • CMA Stuffers
  • CSC Fault Evaluator
  • Decision Support Technologies Propworks
  • EFI Hagen OA
  • Fair Isaac SmartAdvisor
  • First Notice Systems ClaimCapture
  • Fluke Networks Fluke TechEXPERT
  • Hummingbird Legal Bill Review
  • Information Resource Products Clinical Coding Expert
  • ISO ClaimSearch
  • ISO NetMap for Claims
  • Ivorix Neurostrategy Finance
  • LexisNexis RiskWise
  • MASterMind
  • Matheny Pattern Forecaster Plus
  • NeuroSolutions for MatLab
  • Oracle Beehive
  • Positive train control PTC systems
  • Power Real Estate Letters
  • ProForce Highlight Flyer Master
  • ProForce Ultimate Brochures
  • Rail Traffic Track Warrant Control System
  • Reveal Systems Truewire
  • RPIS Silent Flyer
  • StrataCare StrataWare eReview