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Configuration management software

Examples relevant to your query "management software":

  • Application management software
  • Automated installation software
  • Deployment software
  • EMC Ionix Network Configuration Manager
  • IBM Software Configuration and Library Manager SCLM
  • Logical partition LPAR software
  • Patch and update management software
  • Patch management software
  • Perforce Helix software
  • Perforce Software Configuration Management System
  • Revision control software
  • Software distribution software
  • Systems and application deployment and migration software

Other examples for this category:

  • Puppet Hot technology
  • VMWare Hot technology
  • Chef
  • HyperSpace
  • IBM Rational Apex
  • IBM Rational Build Forge
  • IBM Rational ClearCase
  • InstallShield
  • Microsoft Windows Sysprep
  • Red Hat Ansible Engine
  • Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution
  • Visible Razor
  • Wise Solutions Wise for Windows Installer