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Occupation List

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47-4061.00 Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators
Precision tape measures
47-2071.00 Paving, Surfacing, and Tamping Equipment Operators   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
Surveying tapes
45-4023.00 Log Graders and Scalers
Logger tapes
45-4022.00 Logging Equipment Operators
Loggers' tapes
41-4011.07 Solar Sales Representatives and Assessors
Precision tape measures
25-1043.00 Forestry and Conservation Science Teachers, Postsecondary
100-foot measuring tapes; Loggers' tapes; Plot radius ropes; Reel tapes
19-4071.00 Forest and Conservation Technicians
Diameter tapes; Loggers' tapes
19-1032.00 Foresters
Steel measuring tapes
17-1022.00 Surveyors
Depth gauge tapes