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17-2011.00 Aerospace Engineers   Green Occupation Green
Fiber optic interferometers
19-2011.00 Astronomers
Optical interferometers
53-6051.01 Aviation Inspectors
Shearographic equipment
15-1143.00 Computer Network Architects
Optical spectrum analyzers
29-2011.01 Cytogenetic Technologists   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
13-1041.01 Environmental Compliance Inspectors
51-9061.00 Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers Green Occupation
Holographic interferometers
17-3029.09 Manufacturing Production Technicians Green Occupation
Optical spectrum analyzers
19-2032.00 Materials Scientists Green Occupation
Interferometric microscopes; Laser interferometers
17-2141.00 Mechanical Engineers Green Occupation
Interferometric microscopes
17-3029.12 Nanotechnology Engineering Technicians Green Occupation
17-3029.11 Nanotechnology Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
15-1142.00 Network and Computer Systems Administrators
Optical spectrum analyzers
29-2057.00 Ophthalmic Medical Technicians Bright Outlook
Optical interferometers
17-2199.07 Photonics Engineers Green Occupation
Autocorrelators; Optical spectrum analyzers; Wavelength meters
17-3029.08 Photonics Technicians Green Occupation
Optical spectrum analyzers; Shearing interferometers; Twyman-Green interferometers; Wavelength meters
19-2012.00 Physicists Bright Outlook
Mickelson interferometers; Microwave interferometers
17-3024.01 Robotics Technicians Green Occupation
Laser interferometers
17-1022.00 Surveyors
Tracking lasers