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Occupation List

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17-2011.00 Aerospace Engineers
Acoustic emissions systems
27-4011.00 Audio and Video Technicians   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
Noise meters
29-1181.00 Audiologists Bright Outlook
Sound level meters
49-2097.00 Audiovisual Equipment Installers and Repairers
Sound level meters
19-4042.00 Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Including Health Bright Outlook
Noise dosimeters; Noise logging analyzers; Noise monitoring instruments; Sound level meters
19-2041.00 Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health Bright Outlook
Noise dosimeters; Sound level meters
33-2021.00 Fire Inspectors and Investigators Bright Outlook
Decibel meters
33-1012.00 First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives Bright Outlook
Noise meters
33-3031.00 Fish and Game Wardens
Noise meters
17-2111.00 Health and Safety Engineers, Except Mining Safety Engineers and Inspectors
Acoustic calibrators; Noise dosimeters; Octave band analyzers; Sound level meters
49-9021.00 Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
Decibel meters
17-2112.01 Human Factors Engineers and Ergonomists Bright Outlook
Noise meters; Octave band analyzers
17-2112.00 Industrial Engineers Bright Outlook
Noise dosimeters; Octave band analyzers; Sound level calibrators; Sound level meters
17-3027.00 Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians
Sound level meters
49-3052.00 Motorcycle Mechanics
Decibel meters
17-3029.01 Non-Destructive Testing Specialists
Acoustic emissions systems
19-5012.00 Occupational Health and Safety Technicians Bright Outlook
Octave band analyzers; Sound level meters
19-2012.00 Physicists Bright Outlook
Analog sound level meters; Digital sound level meters; Pistonphones; Sound intensity probes
47-2072.00 Pile Driver Operators
33-3051.00 Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers Bright Outlook
Noise meters
49-2098.00 Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers Bright Outlook
Decibel meters
29-1127.00 Speech-Language Pathologists Bright Outlook
Electroglottographs EGG; Laryngographs
31-9099.01 Speech-Language Pathology Assistants Bright Outlook
Electroglottographs EGG