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Occupation List

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53-2021.00 Air Traffic Controllers
Frequency modulation FM two way radios
53-1041.00 Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
Mobile radios
53-2022.00 Airfield Operations Specialists Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
53-3011.00 Ambulance Drivers and Attendants, Except Emergency Medical Technicians Bright Outlook
33-9011.00 Animal Control Workers Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
29-9091.00 Athletic Trainers Bright Outlook
19-2021.00 Atmospheric and Space Scientists Bright Outlook
49-3023.00 Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics
39-6011.00 Baggage Porters and Bellhops Bright Outlook
33-3011.00 Bailiffs
Mobile radios
51-8099.01 Biofuels Processing Technicians
Mobile radios
11-3051.03 Biofuels Production Managers
Mobile radios
47-2011.00 Boilermakers
53-6011.00 Bridge and Lock Tenders
Mobile radios
49-3031.00 Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists
53-3051.00 Bus Drivers, School Bright Outlook
53-3052.00 Bus Drivers, Transit and Intercity Bright Outlook
53-5021.00 Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels
43-5011.00 Cargo and Freight Agents Bright Outlook
51-9011.00 Chemical Equipment Operators and Tenders
17-3022.00 Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians
17-2051.00 Civil Engineers
39-6012.00 Concierges Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
47-4011.00 Construction and Building Inspectors
47-2061.00 Construction Laborers Bright Outlook
49-9012.00 Control and Valve Installers and Repairers, Except Mechanical Door
53-7011.00 Conveyor Operators and Tenders
Mobile radios
33-3012.00 Correctional Officers and Jailers
Mobile radios
39-3092.00 Costume Attendants Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
43-5021.00 Couriers and Messengers
Mobile radios
43-4031.00 Court, Municipal, and License Clerks Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
53-7021.00 Crane and Tower Operators
25-1111.00 Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
33-9091.00 Crossing Guards and Flaggers Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
25-4012.00 Curators Bright Outlook
33-3051.04 Customs and Border Protection Officers Bright Outlook
47-5011.00 Derrick Operators, Oil and Gas Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
33-3021.00 Detectives and Criminal Investigators
43-5032.00 Dispatchers, Except Police, Fire, and Ambulance
Mobile radios
53-7031.00 Dredge Operators Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
11-9032.00 Education Administrators, Kindergarten through Secondary
49-2094.00 Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment
49-9051.00 Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers
47-2111.00 Electricians Bright Outlook
47-4021.00 Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers Bright Outlook
11-9161.00 Emergency Management Directors Bright Outlook
29-2042.00 Emergency Medical Technicians Bright Outlook
47-4011.01 Energy Auditors
13-1041.01 Environmental Compliance Inspectors Bright Outlook
Portable two way radios
47-5032.00 Explosives Workers, Ordnance Handling Experts, and Blasters Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
45-4021.00 Fallers
Frequency modulation FM two way radios
33-2021.00 Fire Inspectors and Investigators Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
33-2011.00 Firefighters Bright Outlook
Radio communications systems
47-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers Bright Outlook
33-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Correctional Officers
Mobile radios
45-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Workers
33-1021.00 First-Line Supervisors of Firefighting and Prevention Workers Bright Outlook
39-1013.00 First-Line Supervisors of Gambling Services Workers Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
37-1012.00 First-Line Supervisors of Landscaping, Lawn Service, and Groundskeeping Workers Bright Outlook
53-1043.00 First-Line Supervisors of Material-Moving Machine and Vehicle Operators Bright Outlook
49-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
53-1044.00 First-Line Supervisors of Passenger Attendants Bright Outlook
33-1012.00 First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives Bright Outlook
Base station radios
33-3031.00 Fish and Game Wardens
45-3031.00 Fishing and Hunting Workers Bright Outlook
Hand-held radios
19-4092.00 Forensic Science Technicians Bright Outlook
Portable two way radios
19-4071.00 Forest and Conservation Technicians
45-4011.00 Forest and Conservation Workers
33-2022.00 Forest Fire Inspectors and Prevention Specialists Bright Outlook
Base radios; Mobile radios
39-3012.00 Gambling and Sports Book Writers and Runners
Mobile radios
41-2012.00 Gambling Change Persons and Booth Cashiers
11-9071.00 Gambling Managers Bright Outlook
33-9031.00 Gambling Surveillance Officers and Gambling Investigators Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
11-3051.02 Geothermal Production Managers
Mobile radios
47-4041.00 Hazardous Materials Removal Workers Bright Outlook
49-9021.00 Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
53-3032.00 Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers Bright Outlook
Frequency modulation FM two way radios
47-3013.00 Helpers--Electricians
47-5081.00 Helpers--Extraction Workers Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
47-3015.00 Helpers--Pipelayers, Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters Bright Outlook
47-3016.00 Helpers--Roofers
47-4051.00 Highway Maintenance Workers Bright Outlook
51-8013.04 Hydroelectric Plant Technicians
Mobile radios
11-3051.06 Hydroelectric Production Managers
Mobile radios
19-2043.00 Hydrologists Bright Outlook
51-4034.00 Lathe and Turning Machine Tool Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic
Mobile radios
33-9092.00 Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, and Other Recreational Protective Service Workers Bright Outlook
53-3033.00 Light Truck Drivers Bright Outlook
47-5044.00 Loading and Moving Machine Operators, Underground Mining
Mobile radios
53-4011.00 Locomotive Engineers
45-4022.00 Logging Equipment Operators
Mobile radios
43-9051.00 Mail Clerks and Mail Machine Operators, Except Postal Service
Mobile radios
49-9071.00 Maintenance and Repair Workers, General Bright Outlook
Portable two way radios
13-1121.00 Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners Bright Outlook
43-5041.00 Meter Readers, Utilities
Mobile radios
49-3042.00 Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engines
53-5022.00 Motorboat Operators
Mobile radios
51-8011.00 Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
Portable two way radios
19-4051.00 Nuclear Technicians
Portable two way radios
19-5012.00 Occupational Health and Safety Technicians Bright Outlook
47-2073.00 Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment Operators
29-2043.00 Paramedics Bright Outlook
19-1031.03 Park Naturalists Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
53-6021.00 Parking Attendants Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
33-3041.00 Parking Enforcement Workers
Mobile radios
53-6061.00 Passenger Attendants
Mobile radios
47-2071.00 Paving, Surfacing, and Tamping Equipment Operators Bright Outlook
37-2021.00 Pest Control Workers Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
47-2072.00 Pile Driver Operators
Mobile radios
47-2152.00 Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters
33-3051.00 Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers Bright Outlook
Base station radios; Police car radios
33-3021.02 Police Identification and Records Officers
21-1092.00 Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists
Mobile radios
11-9141.00 Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers
31-1133.00 Psychiatric Aides Bright Outlook
43-5031.00 Public Safety Telecommunicators Bright Outlook
Base station radios
53-7072.00 Pump Operators, Except Wellhead Pumpers Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
49-3043.00 Rail Car Repairers
Mobile radios
53-4013.00 Rail Yard Engineers, Dinkey Operators, and Hostlers
Mobile radios
53-4022.00 Railroad Brake, Signal, and Switch Operators and Locomotive Firers
Mobile radios
53-4031.00 Railroad Conductors and Yardmasters
39-9032.00 Recreation Workers Bright Outlook
53-7062.04 Recycling and Reclamation Workers Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
53-7081.00 Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
33-9099.02 Retail Loss Prevention Specialists
Mobile radios
47-5012.00 Rotary Drill Operators, Oil and Gas Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
53-5011.00 Sailors and Marine Oilers
33-9032.00 Security Guards Bright Outlook
47-4071.00 Septic Tank Servicers and Sewer Pipe Cleaners Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
53-3053.00 Shuttle Drivers and Chauffeurs Bright Outlook
51-8021.00 Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators
47-2221.00 Structural Iron and Steel Workers Bright Outlook
53-4041.00 Subway and Streetcar Operators Bright Outlook
Portable two way radios
17-3031.00 Surveying and Mapping Technicians
17-1022.00 Surveyors
43-2011.00 Switchboard Operators, Including Answering Service
Mobile radios; Radiotelephones
53-3054.00 Taxi Drivers Bright Outlook
49-9052.00 Telecommunications Line Installers and Repairers
43-2021.00 Telephone Operators
Mobile radios
53-6041.00 Traffic Technicians Bright Outlook
Portable two way radios
33-3052.00 Transit and Railroad Police
17-2051.01 Transportation Engineers
Mobile radios
33-9093.00 Transportation Security Screeners
Mobile radios
53-6051.07 Transportation Vehicle, Equipment and Systems Inspectors, Except Aviation
19-3051.00 Urban and Regional Planners Bright Outlook
39-3031.00 Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers
11-9121.02 Water Resource Specialists Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
43-5111.00 Weighers, Measurers, Checkers, and Samplers, Recordkeeping Bright Outlook
Two-way radios
51-4121.00 Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers
53-7073.00 Wellhead Pumpers
Mobile radios
11-9199.09 Wind Energy Operations Managers
Mobile radios
49-9081.00 Wind Turbine Service Technicians Bright Outlook
Mobile radios
19-1023.00 Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists