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17-3021.00 Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technologists and Technicians   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
Air-supplying respirators; Purifying respirators
49-3011.00 Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians Bright Outlook
39-2021.00 Animal Caretakers Bright Outlook
Air purifying respirators
49-3021.00 Automotive Body and Related Repairers
49-2091.00 Avionics Technicians
51-8099.01 Biofuels Processing Technicians
Dust and particulate respirators
11-3051.03 Biofuels Production Managers
Dust and particulate respirators
19-4021.00 Biological Technicians Bright Outlook
Full-face respirators
47-2011.00 Boilermakers
Full-face respirators; Half-face respirators; Respiratory protection equipment
53-5021.00 Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels
47-2031.00 Carpenters
47-2051.00 Cement Masons and Concrete Finishers
Dust respirators
51-9011.00 Chemical Equipment Operators and Tenders
Air purifying respirators
19-4031.00 Chemical Technicians
Dust and particulate respirators
19-2031.00 Chemists Bright Outlook
51-9192.00 Cleaning, Washing, and Metal Pickling Equipment Operators and Tenders
Air purifying respirators
51-9124.00 Coating, Painting, and Spraying Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders
Protective respirators; Respiratory protection equipment
47-2061.00 Construction Laborers Bright Outlook
51-9193.00 Cooling and Freezing Equipment Operators and Tenders
Air purifying respirators
27-1012.00 Craft Artists
Dust and particulate respirators
53-7021.00 Crane and Tower Operators
47-5011.00 Derrick Operators, Oil and Gas Bright Outlook
Protective respirators
47-2081.00 Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installers
47-2111.00 Electricians Bright Outlook
17-3025.00 Environmental Engineering Technologists and Technicians Bright Outlook
47-5022.00 Excavating and Loading Machine and Dragline Operators, Surface Mining
47-5032.00 Explosives Workers, Ordnance Handling Experts, and Blasters Bright Outlook
Protective respirators
45-2092.00 Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse
45-2093.00 Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, and Aquacultural Animals
Dust and particulate respirators
51-2051.00 Fiberglass Laminators and Fabricators
33-2021.00 Fire Inspectors and Investigators Bright Outlook
Filter mask respirators
33-2011.00 Firefighters Bright Outlook
Air purifying respirators; Escape respirators
47-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers Bright Outlook
45-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Workers
Dust and particulate respirators
33-1021.00 First-Line Supervisors of Firefighting and Prevention Workers Bright Outlook
Air purifying respirators
51-1011.00 First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers
45-3031.00 Fishing and Hunting Workers Bright Outlook
Half-face respirators
11-9171.00 Funeral Home Managers
51-7021.00 Furniture Finishers
Canister-type face masks; Protective respirators
49-9099.01 Geothermal Technicians
Protective respirators
51-9195.04 Glass Blowers, Molders, Benders, and Finishers
Protective respirators
47-2121.00 Glaziers
47-4041.00 Hazardous Materials Removal Workers Bright Outlook
Negative pressure respirators
49-9021.00 Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
47-3012.00 Helpers--Carpenters
47-3013.00 Helpers--Electricians
47-3014.00 Helpers--Painters, Paperhangers, Plasterers, and Stucco Masons
47-3016.00 Helpers--Roofers
51-8013.04 Hydroelectric Plant Technicians
Protective respirators
11-3051.06 Hydroelectric Production Managers
Protective respirators
19-2043.00 Hydrologists Bright Outlook
17-3026.00 Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians
Air purifying respirators
47-2131.00 Insulation Workers, Floor, Ceiling, and Wall
47-2132.00 Insulation Workers, Mechanical Bright Outlook
51-9071.00 Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers
51-6011.00 Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Workers
Air purifying respirators
47-5044.00 Loading and Moving Machine Operators, Underground Mining
Protective respirators; Self-rescuers
49-9071.00 Maintenance and Repair Workers, General Bright Outlook
Dust and particulate respirators
49-9043.00 Maintenance Workers, Machinery Bright Outlook
51-4051.00 Metal-Refining Furnace Operators and Tenders
Protective respirators
19-1022.00 Microbiologists
49-9044.00 Millwrights Bright Outlook
49-3042.00 Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engines
51-4072.00 Molding, Coremaking, and Casting Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic
Air purifying respirators
17-3026.01 Nanotechnology Engineering Technologists and Technicians
17-2161.00 Nuclear Engineers
19-4051.02 Nuclear Monitoring Technicians
Air purifying respirators; Airline respirators; Atmosphere supplying respirators; Pressure demand respirators
51-8011.00 Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
Air purifying respirators
19-4051.00 Nuclear Technicians
Air purifying respirators; Airline respirators; Atmosphere supplying respirators; Pressure demand respirators
19-5011.00 Occupational Health and Safety Specialists
19-5012.00 Occupational Health and Safety Technicians Bright Outlook
Half-face respirators; Respirator hose masks
47-2073.00 Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment Operators
47-2141.00 Painters, Construction and Maintenance
47-2071.00 Paving, Surfacing, and Tamping Equipment Operators Bright Outlook
37-2021.00 Pest Control Workers Bright Outlook
Protective respirators
37-3012.00 Pesticide Handlers, Sprayers, and Applicators, Vegetation Bright Outlook
Air purifying respirators
33-3021.02 Police Identification and Records Officers
47-4061.00 Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators
Air purifying respirators
49-3092.00 Recreational Vehicle Service Technicians Bright Outlook
Air purifying respirators
47-5043.00 Roof Bolters, Mining
Dust and particulate respirators
53-5011.00 Sailors and Marine Oilers
51-9195.03 Stone Cutters and Carvers, Manufacturing
Protective respirators
47-2022.00 Stonemasons
Dust and particulate respirators
47-2221.00 Structural Iron and Steel Workers Bright Outlook
53-7121.00 Tank Car, Truck, and Ship Loaders
Protective respirators
51-2092.00 Team Assemblers
47-2044.00 Tile and Stone Setters Bright Outlook
49-3093.00 Tire Repairers and Changers
47-4099.03 Weatherization Installers and Technicians
Protective respirators
51-4121.00 Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers
Respirator hose masks
53-7073.00 Wellhead Pumpers
Protective respirators