License: Special Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Driver Certification

A person may not transport pupils in a Special Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) unless the person has completed all requirements for a SPAB Certificate and meets the standards established by ODE for issuance of certificates or holds a valid School Bus Certificate or Permit. ODE may issue a SPAB certificate to qualified individuals who have filed with ODE an application for SPAB certification, signed by an official designated by the motor carrier certifying that the driver: (A) Has demonstrated the knowledge and ability to perform the duties of a SPAB driver; and (B) To the best of the local employer?s knowledge, has not been convicted of any driving or criminal offense listed in OAR 581-053-0050 Driving and Criminal Records which could prevent certification.

  • Registry
  • State exam required
  • Specific course required
  • No continuing education requirement
  • Experience required
  • Background check required
License information updated 07/12/2022