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Related Occupations for Task
47-5081.00 - Helpers--Extraction Workers   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  

Related occupations for task:

Set up and adjust equipment used to excavate geological materials.

47-5042.00 Mine Cutting and Channeling Machine Operators
  • Reposition machines and move controls to make additional holes or cuts.
  • Press buttons to activate conveyor belts, and push or pull chain handles to regulate conveyor movement so that material can be moved or loaded into dinkey cars or dump trucks.
  • Move planer levers to control and adjust the movement of equipment, the speed, height, and depth of cuts, and to rotate swivel cutting booms.
  • Cut slots along working faces of coal, salt, or other non-metal deposits to facilitate blasting, by moving levers to start the machine, and to control the vertical reciprocating drills.
  • Drive mobile, truck-mounted, or track-mounted drilling or cutting machine in mines and quarries or on construction sites.
  • Move controls to start and position drill cutters or torches and advance tools into mines or quarry faces to complete horizontal or vertical cuts.
  • Advance plow blades through coal strata by remote control, according to electronic or radio signals from the tailer.
  • Cut and move shale from open pits.
47-5041.00 Continuous Mining Machine Operators   Green Occupation Green
  • Operate mining machines to gather coal and convey it to floors or shuttle cars.
  • Drive machines into position at working faces.
  • Move controls to start and regulate movement of conveyors and to start and position drill cutters or torches.
47-5061.00 Roof Bolters, Mining
  • Dust rocks after bolting.