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Related Occupations for Task
29-1199.04 - Naturopathic Physicians Bright Outlook

Related occupations for task:

Advise patients about therapeutic exercise and nutritional medicine regimens.

29-9099.01 Midwives   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Counsel women regarding the nutritional requirements of pregnancy.
  • Recommend the use of vitamin and mineral supplements to enhance the health of patients and children.
  • Provide, or refer patients to other providers for, education or counseling on topics such as genetic testing, newborn care, contraception, or breastfeeding.
29-1031.00 Dietitians and Nutritionists Bright Outlook
  • Advise patients and their families on nutritional principles, dietary plans, diet modifications, and food selection and preparation.
  • Counsel individuals and groups on basic rules of good nutrition, healthy eating habits, and nutrition monitoring to improve their quality of life.
29-1171.00 Nurse Practitioners Bright Outlook
  • Recommend interventions to modify behavior associated with health risks.
29-1011.00 Chiropractors Bright Outlook
  • Counsel patients about nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits, stress management, or other matters.
29-1069.11 Sports Medicine Physicians Bright Outlook
  • Provide education and counseling on illness and injury prevention.

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